So Bedrock, you got 10 seconds....

I have two friends that have shared a pretty damn special moment!

Would you, (like all 50 of you! NOT that I'm counting.) do me a favour?

Take the 10 seconds it takes to drop by HERE and wish the new Mommy and Daddy all the best for me.

Two original TuckFards, (Mommy TotalTilt and Daddy NutzFirth) have just brought the latest TuckFard into this world.

And please remember that floppy ears being passed down from generation to generation is strictly a rumour, until proven as a fact.


Welcome to TuckFarded'ness Brody Jason John Firth.

And to my readers,

My sincerest thanks for taking the 10 seconds....

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Fuel55 said...

That took 15 seconds. You owe me.