Is that really all you've got....

Lying around on the ice, flailing away and hoping for a penalty? Is that REALLY all you've got? We'll take your best shot. BOOOM, here comes the BOOOM, here comes the BOOOOM. We'll take your best shot, BOOOOOOM !!

One game, one Nation....... five in a row!

FIVE !!!!!

You think you're a sports fan, try being Canadian for these last 4 hours.

With any luck at all, I may never be sober again.

Oh.... and Peb's played Poker! Got sucked out on HUGE! Eight times in a row, after showing the best hand each of the 13 of 19 hands she played. She folded J-J to DonKaaa's natch A-A. The very next hand, she let J-J go to Kat's re-raise.

"I guess J-J wasn't meant to be my hand tonight!"

Say it with me, "that's Poker!"

Hockey on the other hand.............



My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

Glad your guys are doing so well. Is there one more match?

BamBam said...

That's it, it's over for another year Memphis. This makes the fifth Gold Medal in five straight years for our Canadian Juniors.

So very BOOOOOOOM appropriate.