Poker two day's in a row?....

Although PLO is NOT a game I play regularily, I'd been giving Pauly one excuse after another, why I couldn't play in Saturday's with Dr. Pauly on PokerSatrs. Usually legit and related to Golf or Family activities. But in my book, they were excuses just the same. So when I realized that I had nothing on for 4:20 pm. yesterday afternoon, I couldn't think of a better way to kill a little time, or some of the $ I'd just made at the tables. Saturday with Dr. Pauly.... here I come!

What a great decision! 26 runners that included of course Pauly, Derek, Tan Orpheus, STB and special surprise guest's, Wil Wheaton and John Katkin! (of Murder's Row fame)

Although my results were not exactly what I'd hoped for, I wasn't terribly dissapointed with finishing up in just better than mid-pack. 12th. of 26 runners and PLO is NOT my game. (did I mention that?) I did get really lucky on one hand with three-way action. This built my stack up so I could float around the top five in chips for the first hour. My opponents were both on the same flush draw, while I'd already boated up. It was a shame that the flush never came! That would've given me a monster stack and made me a force to be reckoned with for certain. Ah well!

Here's a shot of "our Wil" joining in on my table.

And finally, here's the way this Saturday with Dr. Pauly ended up.

Today at 4:00pm EST, The Brit Bloggament runs on Stars as well. All of the information can be found at either Clouds place or at the home of the Little Acorn Man. I hope to make it out, as these folks are just plain fun to hang around! Even though it's only virtually from a few thousand miles away!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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