BOOOO !!!!!!!......

Have I ever told you how much I love Halloween?

Everything about Halloween gets me so pumped up !!! Something about it makes it my favorite holiday of the year!

In fact I got so excited about tonight, I had the maid come over a couple of times!

I love how most guy's get all wound up about the spooky stuff around this time of year too! I mean come on guy's! It's not like there's REALLY a meat cleaver killer around every corner you know! Jeez!!!!

Halloween is the one time of the year I really struggle with all the treats too!

So hard to keep my hands of those damn treats! But I think I've got a solution this year. I'm going to do everything in my power to avoid all that sweet candy!

I really start to get pumped up over Halloween once all the kids start showing up!

As Riggs would say, seeing the kids in all of their wonderful costumes gets me, "all jammed up!"

I just think it's so unfair that Halloween can really only come but once a year you know? Seems like the perfect holiday to me, and I think it should be more like a couple of long weekends throughout the year or something!

Yeah, I love Halloween!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Wolfshead said...

How's a guy suppose to recover reading this shit? You trying to give me a heart attack as well?

OhCaptain said...

Very nice. I gotta see your Halloween first hand some time :-)

DrewFours said...

I'll take three treats, two tricks and...

@#$%... I forgot where I was - gotta start from the beginning of this entry again!