Poker vs. Me vs. Blogger....

Something random running through my squash....

I've actually found a NLHE game that it just may be possible even I can be profitable at. (waiting for laughter to subside.................)

So I have a bizarre dilemma! Do I or don't I tell all my friends? I mean, I love to write and tell stories and this blog is supposed to help me get them out there. But do I really want the added competition, in a game that's happy to send $ my way?

WOW !!!! That's a toughie!

On the one hand, it's an awesome feeling to have "BamBamCan" on a small winning streak and actually making, (rather than steadily losing) a few bucks.

On the other hand, that's not Bam-Bam's prime objective.
I have "The Office" for that. Bam-Bam is for blogger get-togethers and good times. Bam-Bam is for gathering material to put up here in my little corner of the intertubes, so that you readers have something to laugh at every day.
(Be it meant to be funny or not)

Bam-Bam is a $1, $2 or $3 NLHE SnG junkie. He's a $3, $5 or $11 blogger MTT Donkey, just waiting for his next set of Aces to get cracked by the ultimate double-gutter that everyone at the table but him can see coming. Bam-Bam sits down on a Saturday afternoon knowing full well that he's about to play Omahahahaha with Pauly and the gang, despite not having a fuckin' clue how to play it. Bam-Bam frequently tosses out $10 or more, just to sit at a virtual table with some invisible friends for a little while and he really enjoys getting to do so. Bam-Bam is a Monday night TuckFard and damn proud of it too! Bam-Bam is NOT supposed to make money! BamBamCan was an investment in futures that was designed to fail and for the most part, he has done his job well.

I already have another place and another entity that is incredibly lucrative, as well as secretive. And it shall always remain that way no matter what. Does Bam-Bam need to keep secrets now from friends, so that BamBamCan can lose his little fishie on Sharkscope? Is it THAT important to me all of a sudden?

I see it all the time. Every blog, (including this one) has put up stories of success at some point in time, only to post later about "doom switches" or "jinxes" at a little later date. So tell me, what do I do with my current cash cow?

I find myself seriously perplexed.

Often while at the office, I find myself taking screen caps that I want to put up here to say, "HEY! Look at me!" But I don't. I don't for a very good reason and I can manage that side of all things pokery with nary a hint of animosity, or jealousy from a Bam-Bam perspective. That side of me is in total control at all times and the Bam-Bam in me, is just mighty thankful for the monetary support. The Bam-Bam in me did however take several screen caps over the last week or so, and is in some serious turmoil about what to do. Do I or don't I put them out there for the masses? The masses that would love to get in on the action.... and make these games their own personal bankroll builder.

What kind of a friend does not share a place where money can be had quite easily? But then again, what kind of poker player just throws money away once it's been found to be readily available?

For now my friends..... It's really not you, It's totally me!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

A friend of mine says there's no good answer for a decision such as this.

My friend's name? Mr. A. D. Lemma

DrChako said...

Are you sure it's not just had a good run? I know good runs often cloud my judgment about what constitutes a good game. We all know you're supposed to find good games, but how do we really know that THIS is the ATM we've been looking for?

I contend that you want a mix of good and bad players at your table. Too many bad players and your chances of winning go down. The odds of one person drawing to an inside straight are better for you than if 3 of them are drawing. At the same time. In every hand.

If you want, tell me off line why it's a good game. Do you have all their stats (VP$IP, Sharkscope and such)? Have you tracked a bunch of hands at this game? If it's online, are the players all regulars? I won't wade into your pool if you don't want me too. I've found my own ATM (Razz on FT if anyone is interested - had someone call me down the whole way when my up cards were A234).

In any case, congrats on a great run!


Wolfshead said...


you like those low limit SnGs you should check out Absolute. I've built $5 into $120 playing the .50 t0 $2 ones. Had an 80% cash rate at one point and over 40% win. If i can do it anyone shuld be able to.