We can has famous now....

We initially wanted to keep this little secret to ourselves. But now that it's gone public with a wide spread release in the theaters just last night, I guess it won't be too long before everyone knows about what's going on. So I guess it's pretty safe to say the jig is up as it were.

Me and the boys were asked to do something kind of cool. Not sure how it all came together honestly, but come together it did!

We were given the chance to take part in a totally original movie with big name producers and directors and stuff. Very cool indeed!

Here's the trailer.

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We're hoping to give that Potter kid a real run for his money and we hope you enjoy watching it, every bit as much as we did making it.

It's all happening so fast now though, as this seems to have spawned so many other options for each of us. I just accepted the role in a classic re-make where for the first time ever, this kid gets to be the bad guy! Super excited about this one!

The Doc also took on a much darker roll than normal, in this chilling thriller.

When he insisted to the producers that I was the only one who could pull off the role in the sequel well, I was just delighted.

That fun little role got me the prize for best supported azztor and almost had me considering nothing but the Horror genre for a while. The offers to zombie it up on film were coming in fast and furious.

I decided to take a chance on a comedy bit instead though. The chance to not only work with one of the best in the business, but to also broaden my scope as an artist, was just too much for me to pass up.

Although not as popular with the kids as I first anticipated, that little flick ended up changing my professional direction in a huge way.

When the phone rang and I heard the voice, I was sure it was some type of joke. I figured I might as well just go along for the ride. Once I realized he was quite serious, I almost fell of my bar stool.

Me the new Bond. Holy crap!

I'm going to try and not let that go to my head. I want to keep it as real and honest as I can, so that I can always remember my roots and where I started. On that note, I'm getting back together with the boys this Summer again. We're working on two pretty cool projects together and hopefully, you'll be as excited about them both as we are.

The first is a fun and funky little Ghost story.

I have no idea how these creative writers, keep coming up with new and fresh ideas! So talented.

The second one we're doing is a Doc original. This is his first attempt at a screenplay and besides playing the starring role, he'll also be directing and producing the movie.

Looks like a good one to me!

I wasn't really going to let this cat out of the bag just yet, but with all the hype and excitement about me and the boys getting on so well of late, I think I can let one last little secret of my own slip out to the masses.

I wrote a little something original myself last Winter and by all accounts right now, it looks like this little project is going to be a go. WoooOOOoooT!!!

This kid is going to write, direct and co-star in his very own movie folks!

Picking a headliner to play the lead roll was simple. I basically wrote the part for the man and I know he's going to do one hell of a job with the part.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


KenP said...

Really brought back an old memory.

My grandmother had this souvenir statuette of that cast:

See No
Hear No
Speak No

Now quite down and eat your banana.

Sean D said...

Fricking funny as hell. I thought you would have made Riggstad star as the Mayor :-)



DrChako said...

Man, I nearly busted a gut! I needed a good laugh as The Wife flew out again last night back to Cali. Wait til she sees this!

You are, and shall always be, da man.


PS. Beware of doctors with bananas.

The Wife said...

That was awesome . . . you look MAH-velous as Bond.