If I don't tweet, am I a twit....

Four days........... Hmmmmmmmm......... not quite cutting it.

Four glorious days off the grid, as it were.

There was no blog requiring a post by me and I'm slightly sorry to say, there was not one blog post out there on the web, that just couldn't wait until Monday or Tuesday for a read. No e-mail switched on for a check either! Not personal or work related and barely the once was the FaceBook account checked, for new requests and updated pics.

Four incredible, calming, un-plugged and luxuriously quiet days sans the web.

Four days inside my own head with no distractions. Time for thoughts other than the hammer I was wielding, the saw to make a few cuts with and the steady flow of birds on limb, that remind me of just how poorly I can whistle.

Four days considering the hold that these intertubles can often seem to have on a kid, new in relative terms to their strength and their magic. What a tangled web we weave indeed!

Of course, I sat down this morning with a revived spirit and immense desire to 'catch up' on everyones weekend goings on, only to find myself 'wanting' for nothing at all..

The boys whooped it up celebration style, as BadBlood joined the frey with Al and Otis, both celebrating the imminent return to homes they'd both so sorely missed. The Steel Panther show capping a night of fun and frivolity. Yet quite seriously, the only tweet that actually forced a Spock like raised eyebrow from me, was this one.

@evybabee: I went to a Steel Panther show and as I was leaving I noticed that somehow my panties had disappeared?!

It's not that I wouldn't have loved to have been there and join in on all the fun, it's more of what I would have missed had I not had these last four days as they were.

It's all a bit jumbled right now, as the need to gather thoughts is by far crushing the talent to process them. As I stagger through the random thoughts in my head, I may put them out here for perusal. But then again, I may not.

Who knows?

But just so your aware, it's certainly not this kid!

Off the grid and totally un-plugged is where I come from. Who the hell says, "you can't go home again?"

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Baywolfe said...

That would be "Thomas Wolfe" who said that. Of course, he also said that, "Home is, when you show up, they have to take you in." So he plays both sides of the fence.

Glad you were able to get away for some decompression time. We all need it, from time to time, that's for sure.

Our summer has been filled with much family, and that's a good thing too but, it gets a little too much after a while.

We're awaiting the fall when we're going to drive up to Arkansas and spend a few days looking at trees that have red, orange, and yellow leaves (a site rarely seen in these here parts). While we will take our Non-Blackberry phones with us, there will be no laptops or email.

Memphis MOJO said...

Welcome back to the digital world!