A lap around Lake Ontario....

Yep! That's exactly what happened this past weekend.

What a trip!

Peb's and I loaded up a change of clothes and a map and headed down into NY State for a three day weekend. We were about as un-plugged as it could get for the two of us, as we were carrying only a turned off cell phone just in case of a problem.

There were dial-a-shots missed and for that, I'm very sorry. Your thoughts from Okie-Vegas and Vegas were much appreciated indeed, but I just needed a little break to get away. A re-charging if you will. And the good news is, it seems to have worked.

After driving straight down Thursday after work, Peb's and I played a local Golf course just outside Oswego NY on the Friday. The course looked totally harmless and helpless, as the scorecard showed no real water hazards or bunkers. I was also amazed at how straight away the entire course looked. I've golfed for too long at far too many different courses, to know that something had to be up with this place. As I stood on the first tee I told Peb's, "these greens are going to be murder!"

I was right!

To defend itself against the golfer trying to attack it's simple yardage and straightaway play, this course had postage stamp sized greens. Greens that also had more curves and undulations running in every which way, than even the best of the girls of the afternoon shift. Oh and as you can see by the picture above, the landing areas where one may 'miss' a green by a tick, we're pretty damn penalizing as well.

This was one of the courses that was made up from that "old school" design. It was awesome!

There is of course a sound strategy that can help you not only get through a course like this, but actually may help you enjoy the round more and quite possibly, improve your score.

As you can see,

I started work on that strategy almost immediately!

The day ended with this little tap-in Birdie on the 208 YD PAR 3 finishing hole.

The previous foursome said, "it lipped all the way around and then came back out on you." Too bad! It would've been nice to have made my third hole in one, an International affair!

I'm no CHEF-BOY-R-EH when it comes to food porn, but I just had to take a quick shot of lunch that day for him.

I kid you not. The single best bowl of Clam Chowder, that this kid has ever had in his life. The freshness of the ingredients combined with an exotic array of unusual spices for a chowder, made this un-fucking-believably delectable. Oh and the Mushroom and Broccoli Parmesan, was kinda' OK too. Add the incredible view of the Oswego River and the perfectly chilled Yuengling on tap to the frey, and you have a very, very happy Bam-Bam.

That night we strolled around the show and shine held at the track for some pretty classic American Muscle cars. One that really caught my eye, was the 1961 Chrysler 300G. One of approximately 100 or so intact, remaining in the world. The world may love those HEMI's but, that 375 horsepower "wedge," was an awful lot of motor for a car in 1961.

After the car show, we headed out back to the dirt track of Oswego. There we saw some amazing action. Picture if you will, 6 and 7 year old kids on Go-Karts with 80cc. four stroke bike engines. They were tearing up the dirt oval and it was a hoot to watch! Here's four of them trying to get into the feature race at the end of the night.

Them little buggers can fly!

Saturday was spent getting together with friends I haven't seen in over twenty years in some cases. The family bond of Oswego Speedway, apparently has no statute of limitations. Neither did the flow of alcohol it seems either! Great times!

Saturday night the Winged Supermodifieds took to the track for a show that can only be called breathtaking and spectacular. The pole was won with a lap of 15.021 seconds around the 5/8 of a mile oval. You straight line, 7 second 1/4 dragster types, should be able to appreciate how fast these guys are running, based on that tidbit of information. 36 drivers and their crews put on an unbelievable show to a crowd that was only ever using the edge of the seat, that they'd previously paid in full for.

That's 'Schultzy' the eventual winner in the #7 car. The racing was that close the entire night long. Just incredible!

Then Sunday Peb's and I toured around the East end of Lake Ontario, as a casual route to get us home. We crossed at what IMHO is the most beautiful portion of the World's longest un-defended border and having seen that once again,

it really got the juices flowing for our Eastern Seaboard ten day trip coming up, at the beginning of August. I just can't wait.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

Jealous. Sounds like an awesome trip.


BWoP said...


Everything is better with Yuengling :-)

VinNay said...

Hey Bam,

Are you guys doing the Feed the Monkey Tourney again this year? Let me know when it is...

Memphis MOJO said...

Sorry you missed your hole in one, that would have been amazing!