Friends run goot in the WSoP....

Being the kid I am, I love to spread good news around whenever I can. Today's good stuff is brought to you by none other than, The World Series of Poker.

First off, my man Amir did some walkin' to go with his talkin' in the Main Event. Amir Lehavot qualified via an on-line event at PokerStars and turned that seat into a 226th. place finish in the main event, good for $32,963. After being the day 2B chip leader in the event, Amir was looking pretty good to cash in the Main Event.

I followed Amir's progress via Twitter, Al, Pauly, Otis and just about every other media source available, all in the hopes that the support would help him run uber-deep into the series. I can't begin to tell you how proud I am of my friend and how I hope this result is just what he needed, to get PokerWit up and running as it should.

Congrats Amir! Well done, NH and VGG Sir!

If you're not familiar with Amir's site, I suggest you head over and check it out.

Amir has loaded up lots of hands he played in this years Main Event and I know one thing for almost certain, it's probably as close as this kid is ever going to come to playing in the WSoP Main Event.

For the record, I push the PokerWit site out of nothing but good will. I want to become a better NLHE player and I see what Amir is doing at PokerWit, as a means to that end. At PokerWit, you can re-play hands that Amir played in the WSoP. You can see the relevant information available and make a selection on how you would act, when it's your turn to do so.

There's the comments section that let's you not only see how others played the same hand, but also allows everyone to put down in writing, what the thought behind the play really was.

There's also a 'friends' section,

that allows you to track their progress through the hands as well. That way you can see who played the hands like a genious, and who just donked away all their chips.

Try it out or don't, the decision is totally yours.

Oh and then there's this OTHER news out of Vegas too! It seems some poker dorks went and finished first overall in the Dream Team Poker III series. Ho-Hum, just another $33K leaving town with a few friends. Seriously though, huge congrats to Pauly, LJ and Michalski

Photo lifted directly from The Tao and taken by Mean Gene.

I <3 when friends run HAWT!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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