Statistically speaking....

I don't chase down my blog stats, I track them out of curiosity more than anything else to be honest. But it seems that I always find something fascinating, (to me?) when I do check them out.

I've mentioned here before that I have a reader or two that show up as military I.P.'s. I can typically track these to Afghanistan and our Canadian military forces. I don't care if it's one, two or twenty of them dropping by here from time to time, it just always makes me very happy that they do.

My stats this week however, show that I seemed to have picked up 8 new readers.

Based on the I.P.'s and the fact that these readers seem to be fascinated by our Frantic Fridays, I'd say I seem to be supporting a few American Troops as well. Glad I can be of some assistance to you fine folk!

Oh and for you other American readers, I hope you've given THIS some consideration. It's a great idea IMHO.

I know it's only Thursday and such, but I just can't help myself. Here's hoping all 8 of you new readers manage to keep everything together and can keep on, rockin' on!

Another thing the stats seem to confirm is, Frantic Fridays are still a hit on the weekends!

Now I'm no "A" lister, (I've always been more fond of a 38C lister anywho) but considering that I don't, (very rarely) put up posts on a Saturday or Sunday, I think I have to be happy with the numbers that are being generated on those days. Pretty sure this is attributable to the Frantic Friday 'NSFW' tag however, as the stats also show that the weekend hits are from mostly regulars as well. Obviously these stats are trying to tell me something very important right?



My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

What stat-tracker are you using? I don't think my free Statcounter is this robust.


Sean D said...

Wow, such pretty graphs!


The Wife said...

I don't need the booby police busting me at work on Friday, so I have to peruse all your indecency on the weekend!