Frantic Friday : The be like Waffles Edition.... (NSFW)

It's rare that I find anything too inspiring, when I stare at this stupid screen. But lately one of us has started to make some personal changes, that have me taking a good, hard look at myself.

Yes the Pedophile Popper and the best.nipple.shot.poster.EVER Angel may both have passed on the same day, but beware of the real impending doom, as I admit that I may have been inspired by Waffles.

Thankfully, it's nothing Poker related!

Waffles decision to do something about the shape he's in, got me to thinking about how I was doing in that department also. When I couldn't help but notice that there was definitely more "shape" for me to take a look at, I realized that I too better start on the road to recovery.

It's not like this came up on me :

or anything either. I've been ignoring the signs and symptoms for far too long now! I'd always eat that last bite off my plate, no matter that I was stuffed to the gills. And heaven forbid I turn down anyone offering up a piece of candy! Hell if you handed me the bag, I'd eat them all in the end!

All of the extra food with no real form of exercise, was starting to really take it's toll on my body. Never mind,'does my ass look big in this?' I could tell for myself it was getting huge!

Then there was all the signs of the problem that I was ignoring, clothing not fitting properly :

and all the times it seemed that because of my increased proportions, I just plain had nothing to wear.

Oh I had lots of clothes alright, I just didn't fit into them any more. The last straw was when I found I was having some issues with something as simple as, pulling up my socks.

I had to face the cold hard truth! I was getting fat and I was not happy about it! I needed to start doing something about it and right away. The first thing I needed to do was, tell myself to start moderating my food intake. No longer could it be :

Next, I needed to develop a workout program.

I never been one of the guy's that can go down to the local gym or health club and push myself to the limits. I've always needed a partner or buddy to help motivate me to keep on keepin' on. It's just how I'm made I guess. But I didn't let that stop me! Nope, inspired by Waffles and his determination to keep walking and walking, no matter how many times or how much it rained :

I did everything that I needed to do, in order to motivate myself to get this done.

Knowing my weakness was going to be making myself do the right thing, the first order of business was to grab a friend :

to push me to the limit.

You know what? With that friend in hand, I was already starting to feel better.

Next we needed to develop some type of plan. We needed some clear direction :

to get us pointed in the right way.

I think our plan was perfect! I also think I was much fatter and out of shape, than even I had first admitted. Man! When we started the workout, I just couldn't believe how much I was sweating!

Honestly kids, I found out a few things just from this first little bit of stress and strain. Some of them were things that well.... I never really needed to know!

As an example when the sweat started getting all over the place, that's when I found that I'd managed to grow fat enough to have what could technically be called :

under boob.

Because I'm such a good and caring friend, I'll spare you all the gorey details about the sweat in the nether regions below.

Let's just say it wasn't that pretty shall we?

The good thing was, I was doing something about getting back in shape. It made me both happy and proud to be working out so hard, to improve the way I look and feel. And trust me, I was working harder than most. I was so out of shape that in one of the exercises, the bicycle I think it's called :

I nearly fell over as I tried to keep up.

But I never quit! Sure I got a lot sweatier :

but you know what? I was learning as I go and there's not a damn thing wrong, with creating a little sweat!

Even if it is in your currently dwindling under boob!

We've worked out long, hard and often together and I have to say a huge thanks to my friend and workout buddy! I couldn't have done it without you.

Now at my age, I know better than to expect that I'll turn myself into some kind of :

just by doing a few workouts here and there. But I honestly think I'm past that anyhow. I just want to enjoy my :

and like most everybody else, maybe help myself feel a little more comfortable when I'm hanging around at the pool.

So I'm going to keep plugging away at it and see where this whole "in shape" journey takes me.

I can tell you, I certainly feel a lot better about myself of late. And to think, all because of Waffles. Thanks man!

OH crap I almost forgot! Even though I'm fairly new to this whole workout thing, there are a few key points that I feel it's important to share with you. First, do whatever it takes to keep yourself hydrated!

I can't begin to tell you how imortant that is.

Secondly, most just walk in and sign up for whatever program the clubs and gyms have going on at the moment. Don't be that guy! Check the papers, radio ad's and maybe even do the google thing, to see what's really out there for you. Many of these facilities advertise a special :

that can save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. Cash in your pocket not theirs, is a really good thing.

Finally and probably the most important tip I can give you, be careful! Do not over exert yourself or try equipment that you are not completely familiar with and for heavens sake, if your thinking about trying something really exciting and new :

be as descrete as you can!

Thanks Waffles!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


lightning36 said...

I am now ready for a workout, sir.

lightning36 said...

10 to 1 odds that Waffles blew his load before he got to the end of your post.