Just one of those days....

As crazy as it may sound in these unstable economic times, we're a company looking to spend a few bucks on a fairly major project. "Major" I guess, is really a relative term isn't it? For us $1.5 Mill. is a chunk 'o' change, so I'm calling it a major project.

I've entertained no less than FIVE different companies bringing their "A" game proposals to get the business and secure their own companies future. I know for a fact that for at least three of these companies, the project would basically get them through the remainder of the business year comfortably.

I think my mood after that last presentation yesterday, may have had something to do with my new ink.

It was just ridiculous how weak the proposals really were. Yet one by one the in your face sales approach was taken by every one of them. I tweeted during the one guy's proposal, the more he opens his mouth, the less I want his product.

Totally and utterly pathetic!

OH yeah.... and all of the Liquor Stores in the Province may go on strike at midnight tonight. Something about job security for the workers. It appears that about 60% of them are part time and they ONLY make $20,000 a year. I don't know call me crazy here, but isn't having any job right now considered bonus?

I must have missed something pretty big I guess. I have no idea when and why the vast majority of the rest of the World, all turned into Sham-WOW sales people.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Sean D said...

ahahahahh ROFLMAO! Sometimes nobody wants your business.

I think in some strains of DNA that some members of the human race are devolving.

Have faith brother!


Astin said...

Nope! People still feel entitled. Look at the city workers. They're on strike and bringing down the largest city in Canada with them because city council won't let them keep their sick days until they retire and then PAY them for them. They should be fired en-masse and privatized.

Falstaff said...

nice ink. What kind of work do you want done? I can pretty much guarantee that I can get the order if you can get me a meeting.

Because I rawk, that's why :).

And thanks for continuing to read, bro.

Goatlady said...

LOL - I thought it was just my old age view point that made me think THOSE That have jobs.. .don't have them because they can work (or think for that matter - a lost art thinking)!! The overall attitude of the employee stinks.. Thanks for the perspective.

Your attitude is a bit rough.. kinda like your new INK.