A tale of Metal and meh-ntal ....

Pretty much stuck to the un-plugged theme I was shooting for over the weekend. The weather wasn't kind enough to cooperate in a way that allowed us to be outside for most of the time, but we managed just the same. Just some gentle R & R and some downtime with my baby. Seriously good times!

I had an urge for a little fresh music to make my daily commutes by, so when Peb's wanted to hit up one of the local malls, I jumped at the chance. I have "a guy" at the HMV in the mall, that just may be BadBloods official Canadian counter part. The guy knows his stuff from the A-Z's but even more importantly, he really knows my taste in tunes. He seems to always put me onto something, that will eventually get a lot of play in my deck. This time was no different. I knew I was picking up a CD from Lamb of God and honestly, I think this even surprised my guy. Musically, Lamb of God is right on track with most of the stuff I have in the disc player. Vocally however, it's unlike anything even close to along my normal tastes. I told Blood that these guys just may be the ones to bring me over to the dark side. We'll see.

His suggestion this trip was not totally unfamiliar to me. I have a couple of tracks from this band on a compilation disc from one of the Crusty series of videos I have. I just didn't take the time to pursue anything further about them. But now I own a complete CD by Drowning Pool. It swings slightly softer than normal for me, but it's pretty good stuff from what I've heard so far.

There is one CD I've really been looking for, but I still can't find anything around here about THESE GUYS. It's been rather frustrating actually. Hopefully, it will get released here soon.

Speaking of head banging! I played in the Brit Game yesterday. *sigh.

It was so bloody frustrating, I can't begin to tell you properly. Completely card dead and couldn't get anything going to start off. I made a couple of well timed steals and picked up a few of the blinds here and there but mostly, I just kept clicking fold. If you really know me, you'll know how much I despise what I did next! 39 hands into the game, I still hadn't seen a playable hand. So I lose my mind and jam the hammer into NewinNov's re-raise. I Donkey it up just enough, to suck out a straight and get myself a few chips.

What an idiot!

SO now I have a little extra time to get dealt a few playable hands. Uh..... yeah. NOT! I don't see a hand all the way to first break. Two more well timed moves, the best apparently was a well timed limp-re-raise pre, and I'd managed to keep my head above water. About 40 more minutes of play and we were down to final table, where this just naturally had to happen.

Yay me! I get a hand that looks so sexy, I ignore the obvious and run it into Jo's Aces. I do not improve somehow and the future Mrs. Dank, sends me home in ninth place.

I don't know about you folks, but I find the games that go along these lines to be literally exhausting. Focusing so much on when and where you can pick up your next pot, all the while holding nothing even remotely playable, is damn hard work. Then to get the kick in the nutz when your blinded by the only hand of any kind in almost two hours, kind of takes it's toll on a kid. Oh well, what do they call that again?

Oh yeah..... Poker!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


joxum said...

Regarding Evile, you may want to try a search on iTunes.


Memphis MOJO said...

" jam the hammer into NewinNov's re-raise. I"


Goatlady said...

You should be so proud your 7 2 was golden. See, your problem was - when the cards are DEAD, don't EVER play real hands. They kill ya - and go for the suck outs! They pay GREAT.

I agree, cold decks suck the life out of a player, always ALWAYS looking for an angle. All that reading about position, and the right amount to raise to isolate.. come to be of great value!