Mookie and Al, can bite me.....

So the "A" listers called out all that are "blog worthy" and some azz's like me showed up. BUT......... they didn't!

That's what makes being an "EH lister" better than pretty much anything out there, in my books anyhow.

But then again, who the fug am I?

I just donked my way to 7th. in a mookie.

Yeah.......... I has issues!


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


KenP said...

I have had a running discussion with/about A-lists -- tongue staying implanted in cheek. What's seldom realized is, that like the A-game, it is transient.

All the supposed A's have rushed to Twitter. Twitter provides proof that those from a generation passing it's prime is now eligible to be laugh at by the newer generation's movers and shakers.

Nothing sadder than aging, trend setting A's reaching for the brass ring and throwing their back out. Except now they can twitter about it using their(last) generation language music and cliche to the laughing delight of the new generation's A-list.

Been there; done that; off to see if there's a Hootenanny happening anywhere.

AlCantHang said...

And how drunk were you at 1am?