Coulda, woulda and probably.... shoulda....

Even with one of the sexiest, (and definitely most frexibre) railers in our blogosphere on my side, I couldn't win a mookie.

Some Donkey said, "I want 100 players. Not a request."

So despite my 3:00am. start to the day in a Province that would rather leave our great Nation than support it, I sign up. Never mind that the alarm will once again, wail in my ears at the only God could love it time of 4:30am the day after a mookie BS. The call has been made and that call my friends in blogtopia, that call will be answered dammit!

ONE WORD............. Baaaaaaaaaaa.
Like a Lemming, (NOT a Lemur!) I went along for the ride.

I have no idea what Buddanada had to say about my play last night, but I think I was on fire. Unlike the vast majority of you, I can't do the BDR thing, Hell! I can barely stay connected long enough to play in these damn things once Ive signed up! But I did get lucky enough to catch JoDankadoo at the final table. Always my pleasure young lady. Always!

When I set down at my first table, I find none other than the hottest player in the BBT4 directly to my right, in the form of one Tuscaloosa John. "Oh goody!" was all I could say. I promised the man a link because of my admiration of his play and dammit, you should read his blog!

I won't regale you with clever HH's or show you all kinds of great screen caps where I was victorious. I have about 20 of the damn things for Pete's sake and every single time I look at them, I get more and more pissed off at myself.

To put it honestly and bluntly, I should've won the damn thing. Absoloutely no disrespect meant to anyone at all including eventual winner ShipFaced12, sellthekids, cmitch or the lovely IronGirl. I just had a game going on last night, and those moments are WAY too far and in between to waste. Since my ego knows no bounds, I figured I was going to take it down. And therein lies the problem! I figured it for a mail in once I'd set up my little Poker story at the table.

I quit on myself and that's a huge piss-off! I let myself get in my own way and made a play that was so fuckin' far from the game I had been playing that even as I did it, I couldn't believe I was clicking on the button of the mouse.

I would never do what I did last night in a live game. What made me think it would be OK under the cover of an on-line game? Why waste an entire evening setting up an image and Poker story, only to toss it all out the window on one stupid Donkey play? I didn't switch gears, I switched transmissions!

If I grow up, I now know what I want to be.

NOT as stupid as I am now.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


BWoP said...


Lesson learned though. Hopefully you'll use that knowledge next time . . . unless I'm at the table :-P

jamyhawk said...

Congrats on 7th. I'd have gladly traded you places...