Frantic Friday's.... The Peb's edition....

So honey....

I was thinking that your Birthday is coming up next Thursday and with everything that has been going on around us of late, well..... I was thinking that you could really use a little break. You know, just to shut everything down, have some fun and re-charge for the battle ahead of us.

Maybe I could persuade you to have a Beer or two?

I know a great little spot where we can get you some really nice Rum!
I hear they make some killer Cuba Libres!

Maybe you could let me find you a spot.... where the toughest decision you'll need to make is, should you sit in the Sun, or sit in the Shade today?

Oh I know what you need for a break! How about you and I take some time to play a little Pool together?

We will have to make sure that we set aside a little special time though. I know it will be tough to make plans and stick to them. But I can't help but remember how big the smile on your face was, the last time you and I spent some quality time with the kids!

I need you to rest and relax my love! I need you to take a break.
Some Sun, some Fun, some Salsa, some Merengue, some Booze and a Beach. Oh and of course the Largest Disco in Cuba! A girl's gotta' dance right!!!

Yeah, I think you need a break just like that!
So pack your things up! I booked the flight and we leave on Sunday.
We're heading back to Rafael Freyre, Cuba. Only this time, we're staying at The Playa Pesquero

I love you, with all that I am !

For all my friends that drop in here from time to time, I've...


For now....

Usted tiene mis muchas gracias por venir aquĆ­....


Katitude said...

I hope you both have a GREAT time!


BWoP said...


Happy birthday to Pebs!

Have a fantastic time!


DrewFours said...

WOOT - Palm Trees!!!!

Happy Birthday to Pebbles, have a wonderful, safe trip!

Memphis MOJO said...

Bon voyage!!

VinNay said...

Bam, you rock. Happy B-Day to Pebs.

Astin said...

Have a mojito or two while you're at it!

Happy birthday Pebs!

Gadzooks64 said...

Happy Birthday to Pebbles!

It looks like you will have an awesome time!

My final out said...

Hell of an idea bam.

Happy birthday pebs. Enjoy yourself.


lightning36 said...

Looks great! btw -- you wouldn't happen to have any room in your suitcase for a guy about 5'11 and 215 lbs, would you?

Hairy Gymnast said...


Instant Tragedy said...

HB to Pebs and have a safe trip. I'm sure the canadian contingent can watch the snow while you are gone.

Have an OUTSTANDING time!!!