Bring it on....

Another kick in the ass this week as things just continue to pile up, one on top of the other.

After outright beating Prostrate Cancer and then just starting to get through this recent bout of Rectal Cancer, we were told earlier on in the week that Fred now has to contend with Bowel Cancer. Not exactly what we were hoping to hear! So once more, the strength and determination of our family will be put to the test.

Why we're being challenged in this manner, will never be fully understood by yours truly. Just know that we will continue on as one of the strongest family units ever imaginable, and fight our way through this next challenge. Just as we have all the others before it.

With a man.... NO!... REAL genuine and caring human being such as Fred leading the way, we'll learn, grow and become stronger and better as we kick Cancers ass one more time. It's what we do, and how we go about our day-to-day business of late. Life lessons learned from such an amazing human, have well prepared us to come together as one. And we shall!

Learning what's truly important in life may have come slow to this simple minded dolt of a kid, but at least it eventually did make an appearance. It came to me before I could wither away, as nothing more than a dark and morbid stain on this Earth.

When I was lucky enough to become part of this family, the black hole that sat not so deep within me, was removed. The place that caused pain upon others on purpose, or created jealousy within myself and among others. The place where hatred raged on un-bridled, waiting for the next opportunity to rear it's ugly head. The place where laughing for the shear joy of life, was replaced by laughter at another's expense. It replaced a black hole that was destroying my soul and everything I was.

When I became a part of this family, the Cancer within me, actually to be brutally honest with myself the Cancer that was me, had been kicked in the ass.

What's truly important in life has come to me with a clarity of 20/20.

I wish nothing but the same for each of you out there, as that's just how I roll. How I was taught to roll actually, by one of the greatest and strongest families imaginable. All lead by examples in life and it's lessons. All lessons well learned, as much as well earned.

Consider your words and actions for certain, but never fear judgement. For those that are the loneliest and blackest of all, eventually fall out of even judgements favour. Left to become nothing but fodder for the rest of the Cancers within this world. By being a better or bigger person one step at a time, perhaps all of the Cancers in our World could be cured as I was.

Who knows? But I do like to think that there's hope.

Finally, I'd say be strong Fred, but that just seems so redundant.
So I say Good Luck instead.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


BWoP said...

Fred is gonna kick this cancer trifecta in the a$$.


Wolfshead said...

Sorry to hear about the latest kick in the ass. Good luck and best wishes for Fred in this fight. Good wishes for you and Pebs also as you support the family.

PokahDave said...

Kick some serious ass....you already know how....

Evy said...

Cancer is nowhere near as strong as Fred is.

I would put my money on Fred any day of the week.


DrewFours said...

Nothing but the best wishes coming in Fred's direction from here in the North East!

Riggstad said...

Thinking about you guys... git 'er done

Instant Tragedy said...

My deepest prayers are with Fred, Pebs and you.