Last post for a while....

As most of you know, I don't typically put anything up here over the weekends. There's just way too much going on most of the time. But I was lucky enough to manage to make it out to a fun game yesterday, a game I think far more of you should be trying to get out to once in a while.

Yesterday afternoon as it started to sink in that Peb's and I were officially on vacation, I remembered another happy place that I could go to for a little fun and friendship.

It was Saturday's with Dr. Pauly time! The PLO event that runs at 4:20 over on PokerStars.

I've never been dissapointed with the caliber of folks that make it out for this game, and yesterday was no exception! Despite being a self confessed Omatard, I do my best to chat with a few good friends, sling a few chips around and try to actually NOT look like an idiot during the game. (well, when it comes to the poker at least!)

I had a great starting table, as I was sat with Wolfy, The good Dr. and a very good drinking buddy of mine. Now that's how to start with a bang!

To say I couldn't get anything going card wise, well... it would have have to be the understatement of the year! I was drawing hands like 2c-7c-10c-Kc and 3c-3s-3h-3d over and over again. In a limp to my BB, I was dealt the following hand and flopped top set. I played it slow and got to see that my Quad run from FullTilt, had managed to follow me over to the Stars account as well! I dragged a HUGE pot here! (heh)

As I exited from the game, I mentioned to everyone that I'd only played six hands. Well.... I checked, it was actually ten hands in that two hours. Two where I thought I had good enough starters to see a cheap flop. Of course I whiffed completely and had to fold post-flop both times. One was the Quad hand above, where I made a whopping 60 chip pot. Six hands where I doubled up as the short stack, when in all six cases, my best starting hands held on to the end. And my departing hand, where I'd flopped a straight and couldn't get it to hold, as the board brought the top end of the same straight to my opponent.

I was told that I should be proud of an 8th. place finish in such a tough field. I guess so, I don't know. Sometimes when you're as competitive as we all can be, it's just another loss, even though the game is really not your strong suit.

But like I said at the start, the game wasn't really why I was there in the first place right. I spent some great quality time with a few amazing friends and since that was what I went into it for in the first place, I figure I came out way +EV after all.

Off to Cuba now so be good, (or not ;) ) and we'll see everyone a week or so down the road.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Wolfshead said...

At least you got to play 10 hands. After a week of non playable hands, first hand I get a playable one, trips on the flop, nut boat on the turn and nailed by rivered straight flush. Anyway it was good seeing you there and fun while it lasted.

muhctim said...

Have fun!! You know there won't be any snow to shovel there. . .sorry to disapoint. Oh yeah, no need for scarves either. Ai Carrumba!!!

Memphis MOJO said...

So, have a good time on your vacation!

lightning36 said...

Have a great trip. Looking forward to your posting some great pictures.

Neilc999 said...

have a great hol