Kippies and Puttens coming soon....

Yup ! You guessed it. Cat's are definitely sleeping with Dogs!

I'm assuming the moon was very full last night, and that me holding my tongue just so all evening ended up paying off huge. In what has to be one of the weirdest occurrences known to mankind, I won another TuckFard Open last night.

I had a great head's up battle with the lovely Queen_K, swapping the chip lead back and forth until I finally managed to get her frustrated enough to push with lesser holdings.

As is always the case on any given Monday night, the TuckFard banter was priceless. We had Bay and Muhc out once again, and that just makes the night so much more enjoyable I tell you. We also had a special guest appearance by the beautiful Kat! A very pleasant surprise indeed! I love these TuckFard games! What a great crowd.

The TuckFard II HORSE game had a surprisingly low participation last night. This game had been growing to a steady two full tables and sometimes, even three. But only seven runners made it for the show last night. No matter, what we lacked in quantity, we more than made up for in quality. Muhc joined in on the fun, as did semi-regular and almost honourary TuckFard, cem. cem runs the Skillz games on Tuesday nights on FullTilt at 9:30. Tonights game is RAZZ I believe and it should be a blast to play in. Hopefully you'll check it out and if you do, the P/W as always is Skillz. My making it out to the Tuesday games, always hinges on Golf. If I can get away in time, I'll hopefully see you all at the game tonight. Lord knows, I loves me some RAZZ!

I think I'll stick with the mixed up animals theme here, as by some strange manner of VooDoo and what surely must have been tonnes of bad "Juju," some Donkey won the HORSE.

That's right kiddies, BACK-TO-BACK !!!

Almost the perfect night! Now if only.........

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!!!!!!!!!
(Take that Drizz!)

NOW it's a perfect night!

One other item to bring up today, the Sunday Brit Bloggaments. What a hoot! I've managed to make it out to the last several games and believe me, these things are a riot. I've noticed that since the games were moved from Stars to Tilt, several more regular blogger games players have been making it out for the fun. The SOCO lover says that these games are, "just like the old day's." I can't agree or disagree with him, since I'm just a kid and wouldn't know anything about that long ago. ;) But I can say, the games are a lot like our Monday night TuckFard games. Great folks, great banter and some friendly competition to go along with it all.

This last Sunday was REALLY like a TuckFard game! As the Tuck's basically invaded the UK folks, by representing 1/3 of the field. Then we out did ourselves, sending 5 of the 6 of us to final table. WoooooooT TuckFards!

I really tried to focus in this game and was crushed when I ended up bubbling at the end. My push of nearly 2000 chips pre-flop with 8-8, was no match for Acorns call with Q-J sooooooted. On a hilarious side note! This is exactly how Acorn bubbled out of his next game! Justice I say... SWEET JUSTICE !

So I bubbled and had to settle for feeling like I played well again. At least muhc made a couple of bucks for himself and, it was great to have so many friends show up for the fun. I'll have some more about that later on, over on the TuckFard site. I have a long overdue post to get up there. You know what? I should get on that right now dammit!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


muhctim said...

I am impressed, happy for you and insanely jealous, all at the same time. Just kidding, I'm not happy for you. Actually, if I could have your autograph, that would make my happiness for you return??? In fact, can I have two autographps?? Please sign on top of Ben Frankilin's face on the front of two U.S. $100.00 bills. If there is a Canadian equivalent, please feel free to substitute.
I'll email you the address in a future communication.
I truth, good job my friend!!!

BamBam said...

Deface currency... Blasfamous!

I signed two scr. caps of rolled up Aces instead.........

unfortunately, the ones from RAZZ!