Friday.. City Snow .. and some monthly Mucho Gracias …. **UPDATE FOR BANKY**

I love’s me some Friday.

Friday is like the Spring of the week. Which if you consider it for any length of time, it makes perfect sense despite Friday coming at the end of the week, while Spring is still located at the front of the year. (Got it ?)

Since the weeks are long drawn out affairs, just like Winter can seem at this time of the year, it is natural progression that Friday “Spring” us out of Winters doldrums and right into Summer, which of course is the weekend. As Sunday nights are the perfect time to Fall into bed exhausted from such a great weekend, we’ll say that works there too.

Right then! That ought to cover off Friday.

Now that you’ve read that, go back and do what I did while (semi)proof reading it. Think of John Cleese saying it as you read it. I think I just created a Python bit. Very cool! Or then again, maybe it’s just me. I do have issues.

19 of our 32 plant workers made it in today. I just have to chuckle. Of the 13 that could not make it in “due to the conditions,” The average distance they live from work is like 8 blocks. I drive in for about an hour everyday, from the North no less and they have issues with what is currently about 15 cms. (6”) of fluffy white stuff. Oh and the driving! That is something you just have to see for yourself to believe. About 50% of Bedrock commutes down here everyday. Yes we occasionally get all piled up on the highway from excessive speed, following too close or worse, the non-commuter driving experiences of Friday’s on a long weekend. But typically the one thing we all have in common is, we’re drivers. Knowing that someone ‘responsible’ actually passed these people as approved to operate 4,000 lbs. of motorized metal, and then seeing these ‘cidiots’ do what they do in a car with a little fresh powder on the ground, well it’s just about enough to either make you swear off of humanity itself, or piss your pants laughing.

I currently am on the fence, but have had a tendency to lean way over to giving up on humanity. In my travels this morning I saw the following;

Along my commute, ( at 100 kph or 63 mph and a drive time of 51 mins)
1 commuter off in the ditch along the highway. ( 2 had stopped to help her out )

Within City limits, ( at 50 kph or 30 mph and a drive time of 9 mins )
3 vehicles backwards up against a light standard. THE SAME LIGHT STANDARD !
9 vehicles randomly stuck up on medians, boulevards and curbs.
7 separate vehicle accidents involving property damage.
1 SUV parked partially inside a coffee shop. (WTF?)

and finally as I stared in utter amazement……

a second SUV drive into the back of the SUV that drove into the coffee shop.

Too much !

As always, I’d like to take a little space up here to say thanks to everyone who drops in. I also offer some very special thanks to those of you kind enough to send the most visitors here last month.

Bam-Bam in Bedrock’s top referrers in January were ;

The Tuckfards
A man called Doc
His lovely Wife
My soon to be Golf buddy Schaubs
My favorite Yummy Mummy
“The one and only" Mookie
My “it can’t come fast enough, but we’re gonna drink together soon” friend RIGGSTAD


Funny things happen for funny people.

1) I made it home in "The Storm" in about 1 hr and 13 mins.
2) The first accident I saw on my way home, was at the first stoplight I came to. 2 mins. from "The Quarry."
3) Second accident.... 50 secs. later at the first curve.
4) I have to stop now..... Bladder issues !
5) Advice... Choose wisely when deciding on a driving instructor... or government official to license your young.

I offer my sincerest thanks for taking the time to send someone my way.

And as always,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


The Wife said...

Bet you wouldn't have seen my hot new AWD red vehicle in any of that mess . . . too funny.

Stay warm and safe, friend.

Mr. Bankwell said...

It's not the drive in today, but the drive home. Good luck with it.

DrChako said...

The similarities continue. I'm a huge Python fan. When I started on AOL, my tag line was, "I think 'farcical aquatic ceremony' is perhaps the funniest phrase ever uttered."


Mr. Bankwell said...

I got to find out how you do it.

I guess it is more to do with where you work. Normally it takes me 20 minutes to get into work. Throw some snow/rain and it then take 30 to 40 minutes.

Add a big storm and then to spikes up to 60 minutes.

I guess it has to do with where you work and traffic patterns.

Anonymous said...

On Friday I drove WAY the hell up North. My travel time was 2.5 hours and I was hauling ass. I saw a total of 1 accident. Just goes to show ya. Them Northerners just know better than the city folks.