Just A tad bored.....


Well….. Pebbles busted out of the TuckFard Open fairly early. Not before Riggstad, Al and a few others….. but early. That meant we,
( the royal weeeeeeeeeeee) were just a touch bored and needed to do sumpin’. S.A.C.H. decided that a little H.O.R.S.E. would be the right thing to do.

With 79 miles of dial-up…. I signed on with Peb’s account. No time for a changeover. (heh) Wife money = free money !

So I got in. It was Me, Al, Riggs, Ski, the BWoP, the Demon and ? (x2) If I know you and whiffed….. sorry. Forgive me…. I’m an old drunk.

As you can see, it started with me folding trip Ducks... and went downhill from there.

In Hold ‘Em, I then folded top two pair, for obvious reasons.

Yes I had no clubs and YES.... I'm a schmuck...... and YES ! I know what that means and I know I have your attention CK ! LOL ((hugs))

The Demon's comments that you can see, were just a tad miss-leading. As Riggs showed his pair of K’s… without a club. w00000t !

5 Handed, (and right after taking out my fav AJ, with great regret and remorse, and a shitload of ((hugs)) ) The good Sir folded his small blind in favour of a potential SoCo on yours truly. It’s in the bank ! The man kept me alive for another hand.

I then ran a pocket pair of 9’s into the BB....... and surprise! IGHN ! Four handed 9’s are no goot ! I made Pebble’s bubble girl and cost her $. I don’t know how…………. But I’ll make it up. I promise !

In the end, S.A.C.H. took the fun Fooker down.

It was by far…………….. The best $2.25 I’ve ever owed my wife.

Thanks kids !

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….

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