TuckFards invade Kat's place ....

As brudder Carson has mentioned several times in the past, Kat’s Friday night Donkament has become a staple for the TuckFard core group. There are really two reasons for this. First, it’s Kat for Pete’s sake! Who wouldn’t want to spend a little time with this lovely vision on a Friday night? (Even if it is some invisible virtual time) Secondly, the format and the core group, (which is getting bigger and better every week!) is a great group of invisible blogger friends having an hour or so of the perfect THERAPY™ from some of the much more serious games through the week.

I started out with several pushes with crap and mid- to near crap hands. Between Kat and I, I think we won two total races in the first 16 times we pushed. Then we started hitting a little bit better after I did my rounds to say hello to everyone I knew that was playing. This was a good thing. Just before the add-on, I had managed to build a semi-decent stack. It was pretty un-eventful from that point, up until second break. I managed to make a couple chips with a few decent starter hands that hit pretty well on the flop. That put me in good shape starting up the 3rd. segment. I was sitting in 6th. With DonKaaa just behind me and the lovely Suzy_Q atop the standings.

Then came the major turning point, where I avoided going broke. You know what they say, “It’s not the hands you win that make the biggest difference, It’s the hands you don’t lose.” This was the best of my three examples.

After Hoy’s push there and Fishiswa’s insta-call, I thought out the hand for a bit. I made my mind up that I was probably against A-K in Hoy’s hand, and J-x being held by Fishiswa. I let the hand go. Hoy flipped up the twin Q-K that I was holding and Fishiswa did in fact have the J. Goooooot fold me. Hoy is done.

The second was that hand above. I've just been having a hard time letting go of second pairs. I made my mind up to let go of this one too. It was a good choice. Then I threw away a pocket pair of 10's. The play of the others and the "feel" were all wrong. I apologize to all for using every second of my clock. It was hard for me to click fold.

With top pair, an OESD and flush draw to my J, I pushed after a raise from DonKaaa that totaled about half my stack. We were about even in chips as I had about 83 chips shy of his stack. I put him on a draw of some kind and thought my chances of winning were 80/20 and possibly chopping with say a straight draw were 50/50. Seemed reasonable to make the play to me. I was fairly accurate in my read. DonKaaa was currently dominated by my hand and was on a draw. Problem was, it was the same flush draw that I had. Mine to J high, his to Q high. We rivered the flush and IGHN. That was a huge blow to how my game was actually going along. I made good plays, I made good decisions and I busted out after getting my stack in good. What do they call that again?

Oh yeah….. Poker.

Well now it's Sunday morning and Pebbles and I are getting ready to go out and represent Team TuckFard in our 20 week team challenge at the hall. I've been top points getter for two weeks now with a win and a second place finish. I want to keep that streak alive. After missing several weeks, I'm climbing up the individual points standings. But more important than that, I want to help the team. After so many of them were not able to make it to Vegas in December with Peb's and I, I'll do damn near anything to win the Vegas trip prize offered in this event, to get them there with us for the W.S.O.P.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….

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