No BBT5 dream crusher here....

I wanted to be.
Really, I DID !

The BBT5 for me, was about one simple plan.
Get the fuck better at NLHE!
I even practiced for cripes sake!

I didn't want to be most improved, or any other shit like that. I wanted to come out and dominate if I could. I knew it would take one hell of a lot though, seeing as I'm a few years behind the cool kids playing the game in our circle. But a kid can dream right?

So I played in last nights Mookie and you know what? I didn't suck as bad as usual. No word of a lie, I made a few good reads based on notes and then I also did something else important, I folded a few good hands. That meant I won a few pots and races and of course, I lost a few along the way as well.

Great starting table!

This hand seemed to cause some hostility from heffmike. I believe the words were, "I can't believe that." concerning my playing pocket Jacks the way I did. Heff also said something like it's "easy to say after the hand." or something like that. I put myself ahead in that hand all the way. Good read/bad read, whatever. I make mistakes more than anyone else out there in this game I think and if I was wrong, I was certainly willing to live with it! If not, you wouldn't have seen my chips in the middle. I decided that it played out like a small pair with a shot at somehow making the straight. I got lucky I guess, I actually guessed right this time.

By the way if you haven't already done so, you really should take a look at the hard work heffmike put into the BBT5 leaderboard!

Early on in the game, I got lucky and hit a few flops.

The timing of a few of them was perfect too, so they helped bump me up the leader board by first break.

I hadn't really made a move yet, so I played this hand as an outright bluff and whadaya' know?

I'll be damned if the pot didn't slide right on over to me!

A little later I busted CK, who had jammed as a shorty.

My ladies got lucky!

As you can see in that scr. cap., I also donated some $ to The Dookie crowd. When I went rolled up for six of the first seven hands, I decided to sit out the rest of the way. I'm sorry for that to my table mates but honestly, just brutal!

Here's the gratuitous "Bammer" shot, where I took a good pot off of my buddy muhctim.

Here's a fold that felt right at the time but in retrospect,

AH, never mind! Hindsight is wasted energy.

Another good fold me!

Right after I folded here,

I of course lost a large pot in a race with RN here.

In the old days, I would of got all sucky and spewed off my stack right then and there.

These however, ARE NOT those days!

I got lucky myself and took a rather large pot off of Mojo here. I had a few outs going into the turn and river and one thing was for certain, I needed to win this hand, if I wanted to make it deeper in the event.

Luck was with me there!

Of course this is my space so, it's got to be time for an appearance by "The Bammer" right?


Here I manage to hold on.

But here,

I go down on the other side of the coin!

No dream crusher status for me.

So off I go to the T.O.C. and hopefully, I'll pick up my game even more.

A kid can always dream right?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

Nice deep run -- GL in the TOC.

lightning36 said...

Sorry -- no wishes of good luck for you tonight. : o )

cya there!

Heffmike said...

No hostility over the hand. I ran an overpair into a big draw five minutes earlier and held for a double up, then did the exact reverse and didn't get there. Unlucky me.

heffmike: I just shake my head at that.

I wasn't even talking about you but you got defensive.

BamBamCan: really?
BamBamCan: exact hand I put U on
BamBamCan: U draw
BamBamCan: I get that

heffmike: bam, pls. it's easy to say that after the fact.

Cmon, this is online, no one soul reads that good. You had an overpair and were not going to fold it on a rag flop, sometimes the game really is that simple.

Maybe I have 55, or 33, or AdKd, or KK, or complete air. I don't think it really mattered to you, and I certainly didn't expect you to fold an overpair on that flop.

It's poker, it happens. Try and run good tonight.

Wolfshead said...

How the hell do you expect to dominate when you play like a nitty old man?

GG and GL tonite

Fred aka TwoBlackAces said...

Your the guy I'm pulling for tonight Bammer! Be aggressive! Raise & reraise! when in doubt...raise again! if you feel like a fold is order...don't! Raise again! ;-)

Seriously, you've done well, good luck tonight!