BBT5 ToC review....

Sorry gang, not much to see here!

First things first however. If you haven't done it yet, WTF are you waiting for? Go over right now and say a huge thanks to AlCantHang and FullTilt Poker! Dude seriously brought us the goodies this time around. Don't put it off! Go right now! I'll be here when you get back.

Last night was one of those games. You know the ones I mean right? The ones where it's an ultra-nitty game, (the stakes were pretty high!) and the RNG picks that night to continually deal you crap.

With $34G up for grabs, you had to know it was going to be a long drawn out process, with the vast majority of the action coming pre-flop. For those games, it takes just a touch more than patience. It takes two starting cards and balls of steel to play'em.

Long story short in my case last night, I needed the balls because I certainly never got the cards.

I started the game squished between Hoy and VinNay.

After building a small pot pre and post flop, I checked the turn giving the aggressive Hoy a shot at betting out here.

I knew the river card killed any possible action from him, so I bet out 1/3 of the pot hoping to make it look suspicious anyhow. I guess he found me amusing?

While railing, Wolfy took a shot at my old man nittiness here.

I can't say I blame him as I have been garnering most of my BBT5 success from the style, but it just seemed like the appropriate time to throw a "Bammer" at the table.

VinNay limped into my BB from the SB. A play he was VERY prone to attempt. This time I let him and just checked my option. It looked like a good flop for me considering his limp and should a higher card come on the turn or river, I was going to try and grab this pot. I made my move on the river 10.

VinNay made the call with the flopped 7.

So first break comes and I've played exactly five hands total.

I'm down T$430 after the hour but one thing was going to change. I would not let VinNay continue to limp into my BB!

Well into the second hour, I finally get a pocket pair. After a standard raise into my BB from Heather, I popped it up to set the tone. When she flatted and I saw this flop,

I can man up and tell you I screwed the pooch. I bet out and despite taking her time, Heather folded and the small pot made it's way to my stack.

So second break comes along and now, I've played a total of exactly eight hands.

Well into the third hour, I pick up pocket pair numero duece. Just look at me go would you!

Hand nine is a winnah!

With my curser nearly locked over the fold button, I throw a hammer at JJ from the button.

So now I have no cards AND brutal timing, NICE!

With less than ten BB's in the stack, I have to make a move to chip up. Naturally, this is when I see my first Ace in the hole.

Six-handed, less than ten BB's and big slick.

Nice try me.

Huge congrats to the winners and special shouts, go out to JJ. He certainly played one hell of a game.

Many thanks to all of my friends who railed me along the way last night as well. So sorry that I gave you nothing to hoot and holler about.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


SirFWALGMan said...

gg Bam

Memphis MOJO said...

Good job, sorry it wasn't better.

jjok said...

thanks bro.....

KenP said...

11th out of 21.

Congratulations, Joe Average.

Hey! Beats the crap out of winning a VHS tape of a really bad movie!!!

VinNay said...

It was a tough call with the 7, but you had been raising my SB limps so often I didn't figure you for the Ace.