BBT5 Invitational #6, key points of interest....

No HH's or crap about how great I played here! Those things just aren't my style. But there were a few key points in the game where I know for a fact, that I made the correct decisions and as there always needs to be, a few where I get extremely lucky for the win.

So here they are.

To start with, my starting table included Bruce Buffer and Roy Winston, both red letter pro's on FullTilt.

I don't know about you folks but when I end up with a starting table like that, I've already made up my mind to watch a few hands and see what I'm up against.

The two empty seats to my immediate left, were then filled with TroubleCat and Joe Speaker. Making the table dynamic even more interesting for me.

I was actually all good with it too. I found myself desiring more focus on every hand that was played and rather than making notes where I normally would have, I was writing a few down on a pad I had set beside me to start the game.

Around hand #54, I defended my BB with a sooted Acey-duecey. CK Pony had been playing quite a few hands and I believed this move, was just a button steal all the way. I just flatted the pre-flop raise.

Pretty good flop there!

Just 10 hands later, Pony jammed all-in pre for the last $1000 or so chips. I'm not a huge fan of the Jacks, (like some I know!) but a flat call and loss there, only puts me back at a starting stack. I made the call and prayed for a race.

I got one and by some small miracle, JJ's were OK after all. Lucky break!

Just a few hands later on I picked up the J-J's once again. On the button and with action in three of the four spots ahead of me, I was able to throw them away.

Good thing too!

Just a tick or so later I added about T$4000 to the stack, with back-to-back pocket ones. I played them both differently and fortunately for me, both worked out alright.

Then I went on a run of "Bammer's" that according to my notes, went 18 of 24 hands in a row. Action made it pretty easy to lay them all down so no harm, no foul there.

I was just completely card dead for a bit, all the while squished between the ginormous stacks of TroubleCat and Smokkee. The fun was also added to a touch, by having Jeremiah Smith join us at the table. Great! Another red letter pro.

I managed a few really great hands and got extremely fortunate to have run them into a few pretty damn good hands, on several seperate occasions. This propelled me to the chip lead by level #13.


Ten minutes later, I'd moved down to fourth overall. Courtesy double-ups to two shorties, while KK < A2 and AA was certainly no match for 78. But still relatively small losses just the same.

I'd then been moved to a table with F-Train, Rambler, TuscaloosaJohn and USAF_Trevor where I went on a run of some pretty damn fine cards. I also continued to show them as well. All to set up this one sweet, sweet little moment of Poker for me.

I'm sorry but when you get dealt that hand as much as I do, those little moments can be of great satisfaction when they do happen.

I also threw a "hammer" at this table, allowing me to set up a couple of truly monster pots with the mortal nuts. Several hands later, I find myself with T$ of 115,000 and in the lead of the last Invitational event. Just seven left to go!

Now do you want to see how lucky a kid can get, when the RnG has dealt him seven "Bammer's" in a row once again?

Check this shit out!

Just brutal!

A little later on, there came another key moment. This one involved some of the best poker advice imaginable from DRIZZ.

That simple encouragement helped propel me on to the win.

Special thanks to Push as well though, as the chop was simple, fair and easy to facilitate when we decided to split it all up.

Damn good poker Push!
Wish I could say the same about me.


Also a HUGE thanks to every single one of you railers! It meant a ton to have you all at my side throughout the entire night. I just can't say thanks enough!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Sean D said...

You deserve it.

Nothing else needs to be said other than...


smokkee said...

where's the QQ fold


BamBam said...

I didn't put the late cracked Aces in either Smokkee.


BLAARGH! said...

sweet bam! well done.