Pokerstars WBCOOP Event #4....

I'm pretty sure that this is the post where I'm supposed to say, "Yay me! Look what I did on Pokerstars kids!" But honestly, I feel pretty let down to tell the truth.

Losing while playing relatively, (for me) good NLHE is just that. It's losing. Don't get me wrong I'm thrilled to make it deep in these things, it's just that I really thought I played well enough to take this one down.

Next time!

So as in any large field MTT, it helps to get off to a good start. The player to my immediate right had been open shoving every single hand. I figured this one was good enough to fight back with.

Chalk up one for the good guys!

After watching these two players go at each pot with the six others sitting out, I thought I'd take a shot at a little $200 pot with nothing but Ace high.

To say I was pretty surprised as the chips slid my way, is a fairly large understatement!

It made a little more sense when I saw them both do this though.

Here's a funny little hand that I was totally ready to toss away but by some weird miracle, these chips slid my way as well.

Based on his betting pattern, I made a read that the player to my left was on a busted flush draw. I figured that a bet on the blanked river would get him out of the hand and me the small pot.

Bad read, great result!

Of course to get anywhere at all in an MTT of this donkatude, you have to have a little hand on hand violence AND....

catching a pretty good flop when someone jams their pocket rockets, doesn't hurt in the least when it happens.

This was a hand that I really hated. It felt so good going into the action but as the play developed, I took my lumps and let the ladies and the chips I'd bet go.

The stack took it's second big hit there but realistically, I made the right play in both pots and in the end, I should be happy about that.

Things went all normal for a bit after that hand.

With Bammer after Bammer becoming the way to go.

So on the fifth Bammer in a row,

I scooped up a tidy little stack of chippies!


A little later on in the game, my attention turned to a player that was playing exclusively any Ace in the hole. Every single hand he was in and had to, (or chose to) show, there was an Ace back in his holdings. He also played any flopped Ace in those situations pretty strongly. So I took a chance here that furfy1 didn't score two pair on me and you know what?

He didn't.

A couple of hands later I made a play to bust the same player. I took a real gamble slow playing a flopped set. But once my hand improved to the boat on the river, I think it became a pretty strongly disguised hand and it did help me get his entire stack in the center.

I'd appreciate any thoughts on how that hand was played. I find the decision process of when to slow play and when to jam in hands like that, one of the toughest concepts for me to grasp in NLHE. Yes it worked out OK, but was it the right way to go?

This last hand I'll show, also makes me wonder if I did the right thing. Flushed to the Queen as the river card came, his jam just didn't add up in my head.

I took a lot of time to hash that one out. I just couldn't wrap my head around him having the King of Spades the way the betting all went down. Good call I guess, but a tough one for me.

From that point on in the game I was either completely card dead, or I'd run into situations like this. I'd get a few chips in with a good starter,

only to see flops come out like that.

Of course to keep the Earth within it's proper gravitational attitude and all, my old friend stuck with me through and through!

Like a fine wine and a perfectly aged cheddar,

it's just plain nuts not to put us together!

In the end I just plain made an awful read. I got it in as a slight dog and apparently, I wasn't holding enough catching up from behind to win.

So there you have it, a summary of how this donkey managed to outlast 1,860 other donkey's that play the game.

Special thanks to Scott for the rail and as always, my man Double D for the perfectly timed "rail-a-shot" as well.

It's the 8-game mixer tonight kiddies! Should be one of my better chances at a bigger prize in this deal. I <3 newbies at 2-7 triple draw. That, the STUD and the PLO, should help me get through the LHE headaches that are bound to occur. Good luck to everyone that's playing and hopefully, we'll see you at the tables again.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


BadBlood said...

Congrats - and see you tonight at the Mix Game.

Schaubs said...

Good job Bammer!!

Memphis MOJO said...

Good job!!