Pokerstars WBCOOP Event #3....

Up here in the Great White North, it's no surprise that we live for Hockey. One of the key lessons we're all asked to learn early is if your head and heart aren't in the game, do not step out on that ice. Because for certain if you do, that's when you're going to get hurt!

I think an 1,800 plus player MTT of NLHE Online, should carry the same warning!

I took dozens of screen caps last night as the frustration built within me. But looking back now, I know my head wasn't really in the game. When that happens you're going to get hurt!

This is exactly how last night went for me.

Holding pocket 10's and second to act, I make a 4x raise to $80. The player to my immediate left makes the call as does the button. A flop of Q-8-9 rainbow sees the button lead out with a bet. I settle on the fact that I'm against a Queen of some kind and I let go of my hand. The call was made by one to my left. Naturally the Johnny comes on the turn that would have completed my gutter. There is small action and the second 9 on the river got them to the point we see here....

For the record the call was made and the Q - 2 takes down the pot, as the player to my left open mucks his J - 4.

The standard raise at our table whether the blinds were at $10/$20, $30/$60 or $40/$80, quickly became $300. Typical of much of the Euro MTT play I see every week. This should not have frustrated me as it did and actually, I should have seen it as a great opportunity to build up the chip stack. But no! I repeatedly folded hands to pressure, only to watch that hand become the mortal nuts with a huge pot built up in front of me. Then I'd watch the pot get pushed over to the eventual winner, holding A-2 for the Ace high win.

My head just wasn't in the game.

I can bitch about bad play and starting hands of others all I want but in the end, my job was to figure all that stuff out and take advantage where I could.

I just didn't do it so, no GG me.

Hopefully back at it tonight for Event #3, with the right attitude and my head and heart in the game. Hope to see you all there as well.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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