Best recipe of the decade....

I know, I know!

It's still a little early to claim to have found "the best" anything going into a new decade....


Here's the deal. This IS something that you just may want to try at home.

Take 12 to 20 parts friends and neighbours, mix gently with 1 part large hard water.

This particular step is critical to the success of this recipe so please, pay attention!

On the side mix one generous portion of humility and laughter, with one part mini-neighbour reminding you why the water is called "hard."

Since it is Winter after all, it's also critical to this recipe to mix in a blend of snow.

Now this is where most, would probably abandon what looks like a recipe headed for disaster.

Not this kid!

As the final touch to make everything absoloutely perfect for this concoction, combine a few parts Zamboni with a whole heap of fun and mix it as vigorously as you can.

What a great recipe to start a new decade!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

Definitely a candidate for top recipe of the year.

Snuffy said...

I kinda miss that. Then I wake up and its 75 outside and quickly forget.

DrChako said...

Man that brings back a ton of memories!

I grew up on Wappingers Crick, a branch of the Hudson River. My neighbor Joey would bring his tractor and plow out a hockey rink for us and we'd skate until we couldn't stand upright anymore.

Great times!


The Wife said...

I don't miss all the snow . . . but you look adorable in your bright jersey out there, luv!

BWoP said...

Looks like a great time! My parents used to take me ice skating on a frozen pond in Lancaster. So much fun :-)

BLAARGH! said...

That looks super fun. Used to skate ponds back in ohio, now relegated to overcrowded nyc park rinks. Still great to zoom around in circles with my daughter though, no matter what the location...

Oh, and the Packers love using viagra at boring hockey games, stop by and try some!