I'm on both sides....

Right off the top, I hope Santa was good to all you good little boys and girls! I must have been really, REALLY good! I know I was spoiled rotten. :)

I played a fair amount of SNG's over the holidays, all culminating with a very small profit for my efforts. Nothing too fascinating to discuss really, as my weak/tight ways simply got me to the payoff positions for the most part.

But there were two hands of note that I would like to discuss, as I was on both ends of the spectrum when it came to hands I just don't know that anyone could have gotten away from.

This first hand lead to a pretty big win for yours truly.

On my BB with the level being $25 ANTE and $100/$200 for the blinds, UTG jammed his last $400 and change into the pot pre-flop. After seeing many of his plays to get down to that few chips in his stack, there was no way I wasn't going to call with my Asian-Jew. It folded around to the button who took a fair amount of time before finally making the call and for a moment, I considered letting it go instead. But for the amount to call, I think getting about $250 in to win $1540 is always the right way to go.

The flop came J-A-6 with two spades and the button bet out pot immediately. I decided to simply call, with the plan to make a move on a non-spade turn card. In the back of my mind, I was nervous about the possibility of being up against pocket Aces on the button. A slow played call pre, might have been the right play to get me to stay in the hand for a bit. I know it's not that likely, but it was a possibility based on the way previous hands had gone. The button player had lost and gained a couple of pretty substantial pots, all by slow playing hands like flopped sets.

The turn gave me the mortal nuts with the Ace of Hearts and after the button checked to me, it seemed appropriate to check behind as well. Hopefully, they'd make a hand on the river. The river card flushed to the Hearts with a 4 and after tanking for a fair amount of time, the button sent his entire stack into the middle.

The comment from the button was simply,

DJAYAND1: GG and NH. No way I could get away from that one :)

That stack and one other significant hand where my pocket Astins managed to hold on all in pre, propelled my weak-tight ass to a third place finish and some cash.

Then in another game, I happened to get myself into the other side of the same situation.

Holding A-4 pre-flop from the button at the exact same $25 ANTE and $100/$200 blind level, I limped in after UTG had also done so. I saw what I thought was a pretty solid flop for my hand. It came 4-9-4 with two diamonds. I made a bet of about 1/2 the pot and was only called down by the player that limped UTG. The third diamond on the turn, had me thinking I was done with the hand right there and then. I decided to check to see what would happen and if UTG did bet, I thought I'd take one stab at a re-raise to see if I could tell where I stood in the hand. UTG checked it from behind. Hmmmmmmmmm.....?

The two of clubs on the river gave me a boat, fours over twos. I bet out the pot hoping that UTG did in fact have the flush and in what was no surprise to me, he came over the top to put me all in. To me, that was one of the best sights I could have ever imagined!


BamBamCan: GG and NH. Don't know how I could get away from that one

Obviously it seems that what goes around, does in fact come around as well.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Snuffy said...

Playing those weak-ass Aces in late positions is just a tough spot. When the flop comes you have absolutely no clue where you stand. I probably fold the A4 in the second hand. When the flop comes that's just a cooler.

BWoP said...


I had a similar coolery situation in my PLO8 tourney to bust. I had AT27 on a AA33 board against AQ24. River 6.