The Tao of Turkey....

We typically call it "pimping" when we spread the word about others exploits or endeavours here on the intertubles of Poker blogging. Considering the enjoyment I get out of reading about his exploits at The Hooker Bar, that definition could probably be considered appropriate I guess. But with Thursday being Thanksgiving South of the border, it only seems fitting for me to consider today's post just that.


You see Pauly's running a little pre-WPBT get together over on Stars this Thursday night and for me personally, I see participating in it as a good way to say thanks for everything he provides for me to read throughout the year.

When given the right opportunity to just pick up and head out to see any select group of my temporarily invisible friends, most know that I'll do just about anything I can to make it happen. When it does all come together what most of them fail to realize is, I think I get FAR more out of the experience than they do.

Sometimes though we're held hostage by the situation at hand and the only way we can manage a little get-together time, is over the virtual felt of the games we all love to play and write about. Not much would make me happier than to be sitting at a table slinging chips face-to-face, with this old school core group of degenerates that I now consider my friends. But until a few more entirely too fuckin' long days go by, I will have to manage to get by "seeing" everyone at Pauly's Turkey Cup.

It's this kids humble opinion, that you should too.

All the facts are there on the banner but just in case, you can look under the Private tab in Tournies to find the event. For the ultimate in laziness after gobbling down the third piece of Pumpkin Pie that's helping to hold down the half a Turkey you can't believe you managed to shove down your gullet, I'm already registered in the game. Just do a 'find player' for BamBamCan under the requests tab.

I hope to see everyone out for the fun.

To all of our friends to the South, Peb's and I sincerely hope you have the Happiest of Thanksgivings. You deserve nothing less! If only for all of the smiles and laughs you've provided us with, over the last several years.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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