Occasionally and forever....

Occasionally, the wind blows me in a direction that might not be the best.

Occasionally, words fall from my mouth that should have consequences.

Occasionally I fall, wondering if I'll ever manage the strength to pick myself up.

Occasionally, I look around and wonder what it was I did.

Occasionally, I make a rather large mistake.

Occasionally, I make a bunch of little ones.

Occasionally, I try too hard.

Occasionally, I don't try hard enough.

Occasionally I say, "things just happened."

Occasionally, I know that I let them.

Occasionally, I'm sure I've let you down.

Occasionally, I've let myself down too.

Occasionally I wonder what it is, that you see in me.

But then there's forever.

Forever is how long it seems to me, that we have been soul mates.

Forever is how long you've lifted my spirit, when all seems so bleak.

Forever put quite simply, is what I can only hope to spend with you.

Happy Birthday Peb's.

You will always have all of the love I hold in my heart.

Somehow by some strange miracle, I hope that you realize that I will always love you.

With all that I am.


DrChako said...


Happy birthday, Pebs!


PS. How did we manage to get these great women? It was probably the alcohol originally, by why they continue to hang around amazes me.

BWoP said...

Happy Birthday Pebbres!

Rots and rots of hugs the next time I see you :-)

The Wife said...

Happy Birthday to your other (better?) half! You're such a sweetheart!

Riggstad said...

Happy Birthday Pebs!