Lobsterpalooza ~ Part III....

Heading back into Canada Tuesday morning, both Peb's and I felt the Golf itch getting a little stronger. It was time to play alright, we just needed to figure out where. Since we were crossing the border in New Brunswick, the first place that came to mind was in Hampton. The Hampton Golf & Country Club is famous for value, condition and oh yeah, it also features the famous sixth hole, a 688 yard par six! It's the only par 6 in Atlantic Canada and would've been a lot of fun to play. But as soon as we started driving up into the parking lot, we figured that something else was going on instead. It turns out that we picked the wrong day. The RCGA, (Royal Canadian Golf Association) was using the course to hold the Canadian Junior Girls Golf Championships that week. We needed somewhere else to play!

We found Memramcook just a little further down the road. We were at the point now, where we just wanted to get swinging the clubs to sooth the itch. To our great surprise we found an interesting layout with an Island Green and a course that would be played in a slick three hours, all with enjoyable views everywhere we looked. We seemed to have found a hidden gem of sorts. Bonus!

Now the grass was a little on the long side for my liking, but with all of the rain in the area all Summer long, it was quite understandable. The bigger issue was the wind! The Atlantic "breeze" was steadily blowing at around 30 KPH, (about 18~19 MPH) with gusts up to 65 KPH. (40 MPH) This made the relatively benign course layout, sometimes appear tougher than Augusta! Take the 184 YD, (161 for Peb's) PAR 3 second hole as an example. It looks pretty well straight away no?

It played with a strong left to right wind that was definitely 'hurting' just a touch. By the shape and angle of the trees at the back of the tee blocks, I'd say that we were there on a day when the normal prevailing wind, was blowing just about right. My normal draw, (right to left ball flight) was going to present a bit of a challenge for me on this hole! Trying to stuff it into that wind and having it hold was going to require a pretty good shot, but I figured Peb's was totally screwed with her normal fade! (left to right flight) I stuck it! In the air I thought I had my third hole in one and my first outside of my home Province! I even got two cracks at the ace, as my ball landed just short and then damn near dropped in the hole on the bounce. Then it just missed the cup on it's way back with a little too much spin.

Now to say Peb's and I are competitive on the Golf Course, is kind of like saying John Daly can hit a pretty descent drive. Peb's congratulated me on a good shot, placed her tee in the ground and took a step back to line up her shot. While she was setting up over the ball I heard her mutter, "Gonna' kick your ass."

That's me on the right, Peb's on the left.

The "Island Green" was a bit of creative license on the designers part, as it had a large land entrance to the left of the green.

Still quite pretty though, IMHO.

We wrapped up our day by driving out to Prince Edward Island.

Until you've done it, there's just no way to understand what it means to "Drive" out to PEI. Just NO way! The Confederation Bridge is a marvel of design, engineering and Man's ability to adjust to and conquer all obstacles in his way! Two lanes, two ascents, two descents and a turn in the middle, all in 13 KMS, (8 miles) of bridge across the Atlantic Ocean.

It's quite the sensation, but one that needs to be felt for yourself to be truly comprehended. So do yourself a favour, get your butt out to PEI and see for yourself.

Had our first dissapointing meal in PEI, despite the place being recommended to us by the Hotel. Maybe dissapointing is a little strong actually. Perhaps we were spoiled by all the fantastic meals from earlier on. Let's call this one, just OK.

Called the Summer Combo Platter, it came with 1/2 a Lobster,(cold) fried Haddock, Clams & Scallops and also included three types of Summer Salads as well. Simple, tasty and I don't know........ EXPENSIVE! H.O.L.Y.C.R.A.P! This simple platter was almost twice the price of the Twins served in Maine just the day before. Insane I tell you.

We had changed plans for where we were going to spend the night in PEI, while on our way there. Peb's found some information on this little Motel/Cottage type resort on the Ocean called Rustico. The price included the night's stay, breakfast for two and all the Golf you wanted to play on their 'little' course. Considering the average Hotel or B & B was going for about $100 per night, the $145 for this deal was a complete no brainer! Clean and efficient rooms, with another great Ocean view.

Ask anyone that's been to the cave and they'll tell you in no uncertain terms, I am a Birdman through and through. It's a passionate affair with me and the birds and having four of these 30 feet out the back door,

and then five of these 40 feet out the front,

was enough to make me feel like I was in my second home. As soon as we arrived and I saw all of that going on, the Golf was just going to be a small bonus.


Golfers out there, try to imagine if you can. Eighteen holes and every single one of them has an Ocean view at some point. INSANELY beautiful and so picturesque, it's seriously difficult to not stop and admire the views available, every ten feet or so. Just wild!

The design is a mish mash of just about everything available in the World of Golf. From smash it, bomb it, just go ahead and grip it and rip it like Daly wide open.

To knee-knocking, 'you'd best bear down young man! This tee shot is going to take the best Golf shot you've ever hit in your life,'

kind of holes.

There was also this little surprise too.

You just don't see that many PAR 5's with an Island green now, do you! Worried about carrying the tall trees on the corner, (I hit a pretty low ball) I hit it just a touch too far and put the trees on the other side of the dogleg in play. No going for the green in two for me and well, 'nice PAR.' :(

The other feature of this course was the gardens. They have someone that must be a garden fanatic! Every TEE block and every green had some type of extravegant garden display going on.

They were around every pond,

and even in several places that you'd probably never expect to find a garden. As an example; instead if digging up dozens of stumps where trees had to be cut down for any number of reasons, you guessed it! A mini-garden!

The course lived up to everthing it said it would and honestly, I'd head back to Rustico in a heartbeat if I could. Just too beautiful for words to do the area the justice it deserves.

OK so a pretty good Frantic Friday should come out tomorrow, (you're all such pervs! :) ) and that'll mean a little break in this trip reporty thingy. But come Monday, I'll let you all know how this "EH-Lister" managed to make out at this little spot on the road!

You'd think that any place that starts out with a solid pint of the local FRYE'S LEAP IPA and a well poured shot of Glenlivet,

wouldn't have any problems at all now, would you?

Until next time, Cheers my friends.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Astin said...

Bam, Bam, Bam... Next time you plan to go to PEI, TELL ME!

How's Martha (the owner) at Rustico? Was that a cottage or the motel rooms? In case you haven't figured it out yet - El Familia di Astin are Rustico regulars. Only time I've swung a driver was at the range across the way.

We own an acre of land in the little "cottage" community (ie.- giant houses built by people from bigger cities) down the road. If we ever get around to building something on it, you and Pebs will naturally have a place to stay when you visit the isle.

Where'd you get sent? That meal looks terrible. I told you in March when you first mentioned this trip to head over to St. Anne's for your lobster dinner. If I recall, New Glasgow (great view) and Fisherman's Wharf (even though it's touristy as hell) have some solid lobster options as well, and the Wharf has a nice salad bar (ie.- all you can eat mussels).

I see the birds are still there. You could have also wandered out into the water and picked as many mussels as you could eat fresh from the ocean... cook 'em first though :).

BamBam said...

Astin, Astin, Astin...

St. Anne's was not only considered first, (as I had also been many a time myself) but was the original plan all along. When we migrated out towards Rustico Bay from New Glasgow, we went with a system that had never really failed us before. The young man running the front desk, bar and pro-shop seemed nice enough and certainly offered up his suggestion fast enough. So it seemed like a good idea at the time.

I don't really remember the name. (big impression on me huh?)
It was a ladie's name, I remember that. Maybe Jean's place or Jennie's? It was just down the road from the drag strip.

I'm not a big fan of the whole New Glasgow Lobster Supper experience, where they wisk you in and out with your 5 course forced meal as fast as they can. So that spot was out. The little spot on the water at the end of 242 on the corner of 6, was packed! I was really thinking that this was a good sign, but then the wait was well over an hour.

Your invitation to a non-existing dwelling on that little slice of heaven, is not only accepted with many thanks, but filed away in the appropriate man-must-remember-stuff section, of this kids little brain.


BWoP said...


Bridge = :-(

(I am deathly afraid of bridges.)

lightning36 said...

I feel the need for a cocktail ...

BamBam said...

The deal I'll offer CK.....

Is on any bridge that scares you, you can sit on my lap for total comfort.

Squirm away baby!

It ain't easy being me, but someone has to do it!


Memphis MOJO said...

W-O-W, great photos!!

pokertart said...

This entire series of post makes me want to eat lobster - for breakfast.

Good thing I'm going to New Brunswick in a week!

PokahDave said...

I am going to a beach house for the next week. I am going to get my 3 lb. lobster and Summer Ale and soak up the sun. Reading the last few posts has helped to get me ready. Thanks Bammer....of course I am also glad to see Frantic Fridays back as well!