Frantic Friday : The back in the groove edition....(NSFW)

Well that was one hell of a week!

I almost forgot what it was like to totally relax and let all the stress flow out of my body for that amount of time. That break was much needed and fully appreciated.

How about you folk? Did you miss me?

Apparently you did as I see the e-mails, texts and voice messages have really piled up in just those ten short days! You pervs are sick, I love it!

So now everything is right in the Frantic Friday world again and you could probably even say, the balance has been restored and we've achieved a Zen like :

in all things around here.

I have to admit, I was pleased to see how many of you were missing your weekly :

that I try to put up for you when I can.

One thing I would really like to clarify though, I'd honestly rather NOT hear about the :

you got, because I posted a great shot of a :

I mean seriously! Keep that crap to yourself..... PLEASE!

I do NOT need to know anything about what you do when you come here, knowing that I like to make your day with a few pics of some really :

OK, OK! So I've been away for a while and it may take me a little extra time to get into the Frantic Friday swing of things alright?

So be as patient as you can and bare with me if you will. Maybe I should even go as far as, to do a little pre-game :

Ten day's off is an awful long time away and even though I really enjoyed the :

I should really get back into focus for you my loyal readers. I need to get back on the horse and shove that :

onto the back shelf and forget it.

Only one problem with the whole 'horse' thing though, I kind of feel like :

Have no fear though dear readers, I'll get back on track! I just need to warm up a little bit. Just give me a moment or two, while I work my way up to :

See! We're starting to get there already, aren't we? So how was your week? Did you miss me lots? I bet!

Were you good? Did you remember to have your :

Good for you!

I wasn't exactly that good! In actual fact and frankly, to be totally honest :

But I was on vacation and that's my excuse and I'm damn well going to stick to it!

Let me tell you a little about my trip! Maybe that will help me get back into the swing of things. So while I was away one of my favorite things to do was to grab a bunch of my good :

and play some silly games and stuff. That was always good for a hoot!

We had a rousing game of :

and despite not being the actual winner, I felt like a winner in the end.

One game I was really good at was charades! Dude I was killer at getting the phrase first and when it came down to the last one that Jennifer was doing, I totally nailed it when the phrase was right in my wheelhouse. I honestly can't believe that no one else could tell that she was trying to show us her :


I got killed in one of my other favorite games though, when I was just having too much fun and not :

to my surroundings. For some strange reason, I find it so hard to stay focussed when we play :

I have no idea why!

I do know one thing! I was absolutely focussed, when Jen was showing her awesome :

I mean MAN! that girl has an :

Actually, it's pretty safe to say that Jen has an all around amazing :

I was a little dissapointed that she declined the one time I tried to get her into the :

for a better peek at that fine ass. But she wasn't fooled and told me, that she was no easy :

and that I'd have to do a lot better than that!

Jen's pretty smart that way! But I didn't just fall off the Turnip truck myself you know! I ended up getting that peek after all, when I enticed Jen to join me in one of her all time favorite things, a :

All in the name of good clean fun I say.

We seemed to be in there for a really long time and you know what? I was OK with that. That is, right up until the time Jen and her :

popped the question :

I mean, I hate discussing my personal favorites and preferences with a woman you know? Chicks can't seperate their emotions and feelings from the topic at hand and another thing, let's say Jen was Blonde and I answer the question. Now what answer is the right answer? We all know I'm too lazy to work that hard and so I just did what comes natural, I told the truth.

Jen I said, you know me as well as any woman out there. So you have to know I have a real thing for :

Which my friend Jen just so happens to be, by the way! But it was after all, still the truth.

So she thinks she's being all cute and changing the subject, by switching to :


I just told her that my thing for hawties like :

was probably too strong to deny and therefore, I guess the brunettes still win.

It got all kind of weird at that point, as Jen gave me a quizacle glance and then said Bammer, isn't :

who you say you think I look like?

Yah a little I told her, as I just sat back and watched Jen :

some bubbles.

I was sure I had only thought the thought, 'Lucky Bubbles.' But when Jen turned to give me that look that is on the sexiest side of happy there is, I knew right away that I actually said it out loud instead.

As Jen switched around so that she could lean back on my chest and stretch out her :

she tilted her head back, gave me a little peck and said Bam-Bam, right now I'm so happy I'm not a :

Me too Jen.

Me too!

Have a great weekend everyone!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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