Oops, I did it again....

Often as I go about my business throughout the day, things can arise that make me take a hard look at myself and some of the decisions that I make to get me to where I want to be. Yesterday I received an e-mail, that caused another one of those moments of inner reflection.

= = = = = =

From: XXXXX [mailto:XXXXX@mapquest.com]
Sent: Wednesday, March 18, 2009 4:45 PM
To: bambamofcan@gmail.com
Subject: Trip plans on MapQuest

Hello bambam,

My name is XXXXX and I am the Director of Operations for MapQuest. Occasionally we do reviews of how users are utilizing our product, so that we can continue to improve it as we go. It was through this process that I found a route that you have been working on for several days now.

This is in no way meant to be an invasion of your privacy or intrusion into your personal business. Should you feel that we at MapQuest are in any violation of either, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at (XXX) XXX-XXXX ext. XXXX and I will ensure that any and all documentation regarding this subject, are removed from our companies files immediately.

Upon my review of your most resent work with our MapQuest product, your plans appear to be a trip starting in Barrie Ontario and continuing on to Cornwall Ontario, by way of Wiscasset Maine and Sydney Nova Scotia.

Naturally a trip description such as this has peaked my interest, on quite a few different levels. I can say that I have been fortunate enough to see just about every variation of travel plan imaginable in my time with MapQuest. But none have sparked an interest in me, the way that your trip plans have!

As curiosity has definitely gotten the best of me, I was wondering if you would mind if I asked the question outright. Is this is in fact an actual trip plan and if it is, how did such a wondrous adventure happen to come about?

Should you choose not to respond to this note, I would like to apologise for any feelings of intrusion that I may have caused. I can ensure you that this was never my intention at all.

Yours in great curiosity,

Director of Operations

= = = = = =

As I went about writing my response to this fellow at Mapquest, I actually had to sit back in wonderment at myself.

How the hell did all of this come about?

Peb's simply requested a nice Lobster Dinner someday.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


StB said...

The letter of inquiry seems a little queer.

Astin said...

I too, am curious.

Sydney?? The place is a hole. Okay, it's not Buffalo bad, but it really offers a bunch of nothing in Nova Scotia. If you want something that isn't Halifax, then go with Lunenberg or something.

Maine? What's wrong with Canadian lobster? I hope that's just for a nice drive.

Just head to PEI and go to St. Anne's Church for their church basement lobster dinner.

And why end in Cornwall? Big love for abandoned Domtar plants?

I think I've insulted enough towns for one comment :).

Wolfshead said...

So, where did you get the lobster and what type of dinner was it? Was it one of those standard 1-
1 1/4 lb dinners or did you head out to the coast and a lobster pouind and get one of those monsters? Last time I was in Me. I got a 7 3/4 baby.

DrChako said...

I'm getting my tin foil hat!

I'm hoping this is an elaborate hoax. If not, then I'd better erase my MapQuest trip plans that have me touring all the brothels in the Pacific Northwest...


Riggstad said...

You use Mapquest???/

Baywolfe said...

That's the point Riggs, so few people still use Mapquest these days, that they can give each of their users the personal touch.

DrewFours said...


If you pull this together, PLEASE let me know.

You'll be traveling withing MINUTES of our humble home, and missing the opportunity to buy you and Pebs a drink would sadden us greatly.