Learn to lose with the under nuts....

Played a little Poker last night and definitely got my azz handed to me. I constantly ran second best into the nuts. Just a night where I seemed to do it one way or another, over and over again as well.

Oh and if it wasn't a case of having the second best hand, it usually went something along these lines instead. Flop a monster and.....

After that flop, I was amazed that I still managed to make the 80 chips I did on the River. I slow played it all the way down and got what had to be a crying call from yanks517, with the small two pair he held. I really don't get that call considering I bet on the eight, but it was appreciated just the same.

The point is, I was dealt dozens of quality hands during the game. On about 3/4 of them, I could get no play. On most of the other 1/4 of them, I was either up against another monster that had me covered or, a draw heavy hand that seemed to always get there. Here's one that didn't get there on me though, as I had just enough curiosity about the betting pattern during the hand, to put a few extra chips in on seventh street to see what I was actually up against. The hand was folded and the claim was, it was a smaller two pair that mucked.

Then in this hand, I was either crushed all the way by sixth street or was really unlucky on seventh. I say that because I was either dealt the third Ace at the same time as his boat was made or, if the cards are flipped the same way for each player upon showdown, my 7 was switched with the deuce meaning, his Jack and 8 were flipped to give him the boat on seventh. My read from 6th. st. on was always going to be a set of 8's against my set of Aces so, I really wasn't going anywhere in the hand. I'd considered the boat but chose to ignore the thought, a big mistake on my part. But either way in the end, it doesn't really matter. It was just me running a hand into a hand once again.

Then my bust out hand was just another case of more of the same. I had a good split starter that turned gold, only to see it lose to what looked an awful lot like a seventh street chase to the flush and my gold was all tarnished. Maybe in reality, I was always beat in the hand. But with no chips and a disguised set on fourth street, once again I was going nowhere for the remainder of the hand. One thing I do know! To lose to a Flush after betting the set on fourth street myself, I got the bulk of my stack in on the good side of the race! With the limit game in full effect, I couldn't ask for much better than that. The rest of the stack was going in no matter what, as paltry a stack as it was at that time. Oh well, Ces't La Vie !

I have to say, I hate the feature that always kicks you out of a tourney immediately after a bust out. I didn't get to say it last night when I busted but, good game to all that played.

It was apparently just one of those nights as it turned out! As I went and joined up with one of my new favorite games that I had been crushing of late, only to bubble the cash with flopped Quad 10's. It seems the pocket Jack's that I was up against flopped the boat and wasn't going anywhere with that. But the River case Jack gave me that jolt in my flopped under nuts that said, it may be time to just walk away little Bam-Bam.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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lightning36 said...

That bust out feature of Full Tilt sucks. I hate to go out leaving people thinking I'm being a dick for not saying anything.