Besting Michael Phelps....

8x Gold in the pool....... big frickin' deal!

Try a dozen, (or so) liquid dinners and two TuckFard games! Add in a few special guest appearances by some good friends and I say, THAT's an Olympian effort!

We had another fairly light turnout for the games last night, with only 12 runners making it out for the fun. But a great 12 runners they were! Hell! We even managed to drag some Hippie and a Corporate kid into the mess that is TuckFard! I'm telling you, the TuckFard games on Monday nights are like crack! Well.... OK! Maybe they just smell like a crack! ;o)


We had a fun crowd out last night and the Tuck I was NLHE. I think it was around hand #10 or so, when I just missed Al flopping Quad beyatches. Nothing quite says early chip leader, like DQBB's. As alway's, Al's response to the nh's was a classic! Over on the other table, muhc and I were in a serious situation. Who'll make the move with the TuckFard Nutz out on the board? We ended up chopping. :)

Scotty got away with a little lucky larceny here. He caught me chatting and drinking, as I was way to busy to click on the correct button for this situation.

The classic drunk miss-click! You gotta' love that! At least I was sober enough to record it for everyone to see what a Donk I can be. What's that? OH! You ALL already know that huh?

Well then......... Here's something you just don't see everyday!

Weird huh?

I then went on to a 6th. place finish in the Tuck II HORSE game. I really wasn't paying any attention in that game at all. The storm around Bedrock at that time, was monstrous to say the least. How we didn't lose power last night, is still a mystery to me. The electrical portion of last nights storm, left nothing to the imagination at all.

So sticking with the Donkey/idiot theme, I look down in the chat box and there's a message that reads:

alcanthang: Bam-Bam
alcanthang: answer your
alcanthang: phone-phone

Now the Tucks can attest, there just is no cell signal in Bedrock! Well, there is that one spot! Just out there in the middle of the driveway out front. It's that one spot where if you hold your phone and tongue just right, you'll get one bar for a minute or two. I said, screw the rain! Forget the lightening cracking all around me so that literally, every hair on my body was standing straight out at attention. Ignore the downed tree just over to side of the property there. It'll stop burning soon enough, what with all this rain! This was Al! This was for a dial-a-shot damn it! I'm going "postal!" Nothing can stop me from my appointed round!

So there I stood, Soaking wet. 200 yds from anything much taller than me, with lightening all around. I get that little one bar of signal, and I dial right away. Drink in hand, well protected from the evils of the damn falling water. Ring...... Ring...... Ring..... Ring........ "c'mon Al! A guy can drown out here for cripes sake!".... Ring....... Ring....... VOICEMAIL !!!!!!!!! You gotta' be shitting me!


I may owe you a drink or two good Sir Al, for all of our various activities together. But I'll be damned if I'm letting you get away with that one my friend! That's a two shot'er for sure! I'm keeping records, taking names and come September, I'm collecting!

Once I got back in the house, changed my clothes, got dried off and de-charged myself of the added voltage from my "dial-a-shot" with a "buddy," (guilt is best applied heavily don't you think?) I busted out of the HORSE game.

It was great to see everyone out last night. I hope we can add a few more names to the list next week, and in the weeks to come as well. It's always a good time, donking it up with such a great group of friends. Even if you all only let me win once in a while!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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