Pebbles kicks butt! Me, not so much...

I've come to the conclusion that my wife is one of the best poker players I know. Yes I've always known she was good and yes, most players that play against her live, get the same feeling as everyone else. She's a rock.

But having watched her play more and more these last few weeks, I seriously wonder if she couldn't make a living out of on-line poker. Here's why :
-She avoids bad-beats constantly.
-She remains calm no matter what.
-She gets in with the best of it and holds up 99% of the time.
-She catches almost every time she makes a little slip up.
-She makes money.

Oh and one more thing! FullTilt apparently loves the hell out of her~!

Seriously! The girl is on a run! Now having said that, the run has lasted about 3 months or so and maybe I just need to concede to her ultimate superiority in NLHE. Her bankroll is well above 6x the original deposit made and that's despite all the goofy things I make her enter, just for the fun of it.

Whatever it is, I just hope it's catching and I somehow manage to get infected by the "played good poker and won" bug.

I played HORSE events 4, 5 and 6 over the weekend. One win and two thirds. Meh results IMHO, because I should have easily won at least one of the other games. I was over-boated by a chaser with a monster chip stack in game 6. I got in good and had a really good idea of what I was up against. His draw was thin and yet like they always seem to do against me these days, he got there.

The third place finish in game 4 was a miracle. I had no cards in any form of the game and stole two pots that had been built up a bit, by being the aggressor into a couple of hands that I was pretty sure had hit back-to-back bricks. Oddly enough considering it was HORSE we were playing, they were my only real won pots during the entire game. A few completes here and there were not challenged and I'd drag in a few small pots once in a while, but no actual action as it were. It didn't take to long to make it to the money, as the pattern continued of watching the HORSE savvy take out the not-so-savvy players in the game.

I stuck my foot into the NLHE pool again for a couple of games and the results were very typical. Bubble the money in 10th. place last night and busted out in 51st. place in an afternoon game. My 10th. place was handed to me by the ever powerful Acey-Duecey, after I'd committed a little too much of my stack on a raise in position with big slick. Of course, 2's popped up everywhere and I was done. My 51st. place finish was the result of flopping top set for my pocket Kings against a player that I have about 100 different notes recorded for. He bet the flop into my made set and my move was simple, JAM IT ! As expected, he called instantly. With pocket Jacks! He'd missed the flop and the board only had one over card on it. I guess I get it? He types in the obligatory 'NH' and 'GG' as both the turn and river bring him the only two Jacks in the deck. My turn I guess..... NH Sir.... oh, and GG.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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