Vegas foreplay....

DID I MENTION THAT I'M IN VEGAS NEXT WEEK ? I can't wait. The un-official blogger gathering is taking place right now and I truly wish I could have been part of that. Sometimes things just don't work out the way we hope. But I have to say that the more information that is being passed around among the troops for the "Blogger Mulligan" coming up this week, the less I'm crushed about not being able to include this weekend in my Vegas plans.

Obviously attempting to gain full on "A-Lister" status, VinNay has been pretty impressive at trying to give us some semblance of organization. He's come an awful long way in the past little while, I must say. It might be related to the fact that he's not crossing any International borders this time around. (I keed, I keed!) $mokkee gave the Vinster props for getting something together for the group to get somewhat organized by, and I have to second the motion! There's alot going on for the bunch of us, with WSoP activities and trying to hook up with the friends we have doing some of the best coverage going on all of the events. Taking the time to give us direction and make sure we all get together at some point in time, was a pretty cool thing to do.

So now that we've all been in touch and passed around a few ideas for our little get together, my "Vegas (non)plans" seem to have turned into a series of get togethers here and there with a bunch of new friends and some, that I just can't wait to see again.

I'm getting pretty pumped up about it!


In other news....

I got an interesting e-mail from a surprise source the other day. I was asked if I would be interested in contributing to a new poker news site. They pitch it as follows ;

"A site that is interesting both for poker bloggers and interested readers, RoundersBuzz.com. It is a recently launched social voting website just for poker content. If you are a publisher looking to drive traffic to your site, you can submit poker articles, stories or news at RoundersBuzz. If you are a poker player looking to improve your game, you can quickly sift through the best poker content voted up to the main page by the community.

Besides the main page, there are five Category pages for specific stories. The most popular categories are the two strategy categories; Tournament Strategy and Ring Game Strategy. They also have categories on General Poker, Online Poker Tools and Poker News."

In all honesty, I've been there everyday this week to see what's been going on out there. I'm sure my opinion means crap to many out there that "really" write on their blogs, instead of the regular drivel I offer up to the masses. But I personally think this RoundersBuzz idea is a good one. So far I've found it to be like one stop shopping. I've found a few Blogs that I didn't know about and found some pretty good material once I got to them. I found a strategy post that probably could of been sold as a freakin' book to the masses of Donkey's like me out there trying to learn NLHE. And, yes I know it won't do me personally any good to study strategy! But some of you loyal readers out there will get some good from it for certain, and I owe you that much!

You're all big kids, you can check the place out for yourself and make your own decisions. It's only been a week for me and I'm getting a kick out of the site. So I thought I'd pimp'em up a bit.


I'm not touching anything computer related, (save for some type of electronic pokery type game perhaps!) for at least a week, so I'll be back shortly. Miss me tons and think of me often!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

Sorry we'll miss you. I'll hoist a scotch in a generally northern direction in your honor.


Riggstad said...

have a great time bro!

I wish I could be there