Give me my PROPS, please....

As you may or may not know, Feed the Monkey II, (brought to you by TuckFard Poker) is just over two weeks away. Yup! Right after we get back from the WSoP, another group of degenerate gamblers, Drinkers and supposedly 'decent' poker players, will descend on to Bedrock, in an attempt to be the one and only Monkey Feeder. But poker has just never been enough to satisfy me at these events. It's always about the fun!

So in honour of my friend Pauly, I offer up Bam-Bam's list of Prop bets for Feed the Monkey II ....

1) During the pre-game show, I say Carson takes Mini in the HU match.
2) I will also hug who-ever Carson wants me too when he wins. Only if mini agrees to hug anyone I want, should she accidentally lose!
3) I say..... Yummy-Mommy outlasts the good Mr. Bankwell. (2 against 1, NO BRAINER)
4) I say ANIguy outlasts the lovely Donkette.
5) I say the beautiful Kat outlasts brudder Carson.
6) I say I will NOT Gigli this MoFo.
7) I say DonKaaa will at some point show everyone, that he really is the greatest short-stack player in the world! (warning! No brainer. DO NOT TAKE THIS BET !!!)
8) I say Pebbles and I BOTH final table. (home court advantage!)
9) I take the 0% chance of precipitation, you can have the rest.
10) I say that surrounded by such a great group of friends helping us support our friends and neighbours over at Bear Creek Sanctuary, it's going to be one of the real highlights of the Summer of 2008.

I plan on updating this after the event has reached it's conclusion.

So I ask you my Blogren, any others I need to know about?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Anonymous said...

I will take you up on 3,4and 5.

So I get Bankwell, Donkette and myself vs your PokerTart, ANIdonk and Kat.

Done and done.

katitude said...

Re #5 - GAME ON, Carson! *grins wickedly as she goes to find her favourite book "Succeeding at Drunken Donkey Poker"

Anonymous said...

pffff. I'll get my book called "Enter Your Zen Donkey, a complete guide to poker for the not so Donk-tastic that don't play gewd poker"

It's a limited edition.

Mr. Bankwell said...

"3) I say..... Yummy-Mommy outlasts the good Mr. Bankwell. (2 against 1, NO BRAINER)"

Much love from Carson.

I'll do my best to make sure you win that one. I guess I'll have to play at least my C or B game and stop played the D/F game game around the TuckFards.

Don'K' said...

QueenK and myself are looking soooo forward to seeing everyone in Bedrock.

Since the prop bets have started, I will throw in one of my own:

The beautiful Pebbles will show us once again why her 2nd nickname is SLUSHY !!!! .............