A day late but a dollar richer....

I had grand illusions of putting something special up here today, but I just didn't get it done in time. Hopefully with a little help from a friend, I'll get it completed and up here, (and there) sometime tommorrow.

Here's hoping!

In the interim, I do have last nights TuckFard Open and TuckFard HORSE games to talk about. I played good solid poker in the Open. Good enough to take down second to ANIguy's eventual win. Starting heads up, I was about a 4:1 dog in chips. I worked my way all the way up to actually reversing those numbers. Then of course, I went totally card dead and ended up in a pooshfest hand after hand. I won a couple, I lost a few more.

It was a great crowd out last night. A new player and instant good friend BayWolfe made his first appearance last night. Then Iron Chef Astin and Iron Chef Donkette also were there with battle verbosity. (way too funny by the way kids !) Muhctim returned as well, to make it another great night of TuckChatter and solid poker.

Our local usual suspects made appearances for the most part. With brudder Carson, Jony2Pair, The ever lovely Redneck TuckFard, the red hot Suzy_Q and my favorite pair 'o' T's, TotalTilt all out for the fun. Then much to our delight and despite being in the worst hotel in Michigan as far as internet connections go, Da' man DonKaaa showed up to complete the TuckFardian SeptDonkulous family home game. Oh and by the way Donkette, I KNOW he didn't forget that he was adopted into the "Donk" family too! (What an honour!!! Score DonKaaa.)

I did my fair share of damage in this knock-out format. Taking out about a 1/4 of the field as I built my stack up. The best, (sorry good Sir!) was ANI's cry's of "SHOVE" as Astin had pushed his entire stack into the pot, while UTG. I held A-K and there's alway's that voice ringing in my ears when I hold that hand, "it's Ace high for Christ sake." But I have to admit that it felt like a good race considering the chips tossed out into the pot. (read, POT ODDS for the big stack) YES!!! It was un-called for. YES!!! I considered my options and then decided to race. But sometimes you win those ones, and sometimes you don't. Official sorry to take you out is offered up now. In particular, 'cause I've been asking you to come out whenever you can, ALL THE TIME! (but thanks for the knock-out!)... ;o)

The HORSE game sucked for me. I honestly couldn't focus. My connection was on 79 miles of dial-up life support and, I had to choose between games. I thought I could win the Open so, that was the game of choice. I donked off chips at an alarmingly fast pace, while chasing as hard as I could in RAZZ. If I made a stack, (logic error here?) I'd sit out until the other game was over. If not, I focus on one game and one game only. MEH !!! It was a one game kinda' night, as my A-2 burried with a 4 door, turned into A-2-4-6-5-J-6. How can that compete with a hand like Q-3-7-A-2-5-4 when I bet on every street? All for the better though, it let me focus more on the Open and I needed that. I donked the rest off to Carson in STUD/H as a pair of Queen's was good enough to call down every one of my bet's along the way. Once again I say MEH !!! lol.

Legit congrats go out to ANIguy because as far as I know, he's the first player to win both games on the same night. Not easy to do, what with a mix of TuckFards, some other Bloggers and a few "just dropping in" players no one can know anything about in both games.

One things for sure. You all coming out to support the games, put's a great big smile on this little kid's face, every single Monday.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Donkette said...

The Tuckfard is one of the best tourney's I play in, it's very personable and a lot of laughs.... It's a way for me to let loose before the Math starts.... More people should come and try it... As the saying goes "Try it you might like it"

My final out said...


Just wondering when and what time the Tuckfard tourney is played? Sounds like a good time.


Anonymous said...

The game is a lot of fun. You can really tell that the players in it know each other and are really just playing to have a good time.

Congrats to ANIguy, he played really well. By well of course I mean that he is a total donkey.

aniguy said...

Nice hand Sir. And by hand I mean catch and by Sir I moron. I believe that is what Carson was trying to say?

My final out said...


I logged onto FT around 9:15 last night and tried to post a comment in the chat box while the mookie was going on. Sadly, FT will not let me post a comment on there until I figure out how to put funds on there. Oh well. If you are on stars tonight look me up. (grouse14).