'Cause I'm 1/2 The Stud I used to be....

$6.15 / HR ! Woooo00000ooooooT !

That’s not bad for a night’s worth of grinding it out in the minefield that is “The Skillz” game. What a friggin’ night! I should’ve known to walk away right from the start when the deck was slapping me in the face with starting cards galore, only to have me watch in horror as my opponents would build an un-stoppable hand against me.
Some prime examples?

Me = As-Ac-Jh
Villain = x-x-6d
Me = As-Ac-Jh-Jc
Villain = x-x-6d-8d
Me = As-Ac-Jh-Jc-2h
Villain = x-x-6d-8d-7d
Me = As-Ac-Jh-Jc-2h-3h
Villain = x-x-6d-8d-7d-9d

And I’d had enough of that hand! Then this beauty,

Me = A-A-3
Villain = x-x-K
Me = A-A-3-7
Villain = x-x-K-K
Me = A-A-3-7-2
Villain = x-x-K-K-K

And I’d had enough of that hand! Then the beyatches took a turn,

Me = J-J-J
Villain = x-x-Q
Me = J-J-J-8
Villain = x-x-Q-Q
Me = J-J-J-8-4
Villain = x-x-Q-Q-Q

And I’d had enough of that hand! Then I decided to stick one out to the end because damn it, I have to be ahead !

Me = 10-10-10
Villain = x-x-Q
Me = 10-10-10-8
Villain = x-x-Q-K
Me = 10-10-10-8-J
Villain = x-x-Q-K-A
Me = 10-10-10-8-J-Q
Villain = x-x-Q-K-A-J …… OK, you have three 10’s, do you put him on the straight?
Me = 10-10-10-8-J-Q-A …. Nice! And 2 K’s were folded by fourth st. so I’m goot heh.
Villain = x-x-Q-K-A-J-x


Me = 10-10-10-8-J-Q-A … for a set of 10’s
Villain = 8-8-Q-K-A-J-10 … for a case card straight on 7th street.

All of this happened on the first 1 ½ hours of play. How I didn’t go broke well, it’s just a miracle to be honest. I was so frustrated, I had to go for a walk around the house. And I mean, I got up and put shoes on and walked out the front door and around the house. lol! The deck or RNG or whatever? was in a very sick mood last night. It wasn’t just happening to me either so don’t think of this as a rant. I mean I watched 3 Queens up, have to fold to 3 Kings up. They both hit their hands in sequence on 4th., 5th.,and 6th. streets. We saw Quad’s lose to Quad’s, and then boat after boat went sinking away to the bigger boat docked right beside them.

I stayed mid-pack with my chip stack by getting lucky on a couple of decent draws and showing a rolled up set of 10’s I’d bet out hard about halfway through the game. My intention with the show was, to get the message out that I would play good hands hard and fold a bad Ace. This started to set the tone for me, as we were almost through the second hour of play. That helped me jam a few times to weaker showings and steal a few un-played or limped into pots. Every little bit helped and with the levels starting to creep up, we were getting into ugly territory. Ugly territory is where you need to start to gamble just a little bit more, and hope you either hit, or stay good. With my chips dwindling away, thanks to the re-fawkulous 21 brings sent my way in one hour, (that only Waffles could really appreciate) I was in Ugly territory already and I had to pick a hand. Fortunately for me, the hand that I picked was up against The Worst Poker Player. I considered it an omen from the poker gods, so I ran my three diamonds into Waffles x-x-K. Low and behold, I won!
(Please refer to Donkey Rule #2)
Now you know you’re running really bad, when you can’t beat an a-s-s-h-a-t playing on only a wing and a prayer! Poor Waffles! That only left him with about 20 Gazillion chips or so, but doubled me through to around 7,400.

From there on out, it was actually fairly A-B-C Stud for me. Jam with 'em and walk away without 'em, based on the cards I was dealt. My “IGH” came at the hands of ANIguy because as everyone who plays the game knows, 9-9 >> 10-10. ;o) If anyone else out there could do better than a 10th. place finish with the luck and cards that I had to deal with last night, I don’t know who they are right now. I want a T.O.C. seat pretty damn bad I tell you, and last nights STUD Hi was as good a chance as I am going to get to play with some skill over luck quotient rather than the reverse. The game dealt me a few blows last night and I had to take a couple of shots that I normally wouldn’t ever have gone for. But overall, I think I have to be happy with a 10th place finish in a field of that size and caliper. I get some cash, get some points and move on to the next one.

Special thanks to the combination of ANIguy and Donkette for the railing and the fun! If it wasn’t for ANIguy constantly reminding me in the chat that "I ((heart)) Donkette," I think I would have fallen asleep during the game. Also shouts out to Riggs, (BOOOOOOM!) and Surflexus for the words of encouragement. I don’t know what it is with me and the Ladies but, even Surf’s Wife stopped by to cheer me on for a bit. ;o) I was particularly pleased to get a combination message from CK! If you haven’t heard, her Remon’s a rittle routta rhack and she’s had some surgery to correct it. I was promised that she’s doing fine and it made me very happy to hear. If you get a chance, stop by and say hi to her for me. I’d appreciate it.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


Donkette said...

Your the best BAM BAM, it really is a lot of fun to be at your table win or lose, you give me a lot of laughs.....

snakster said...

Good job Bam. See you tonight at the Mook.