Somebody "Hep" me.....

Finished 21st. in the Riverchasers PLO/hi event tonight. That's kinda' sick, considering the cards I was dealt and the fact that there were 83(?) runners. I was down to 720 chips at one point, (courtesy of a certain someone, that didn't believe their A-A in pocket was dead, lol) and then went "Presto" Gin, turned double Gin, and then I turned the nut flush on two different "aw-fug-it" hands.

Then the well ran dry. Like, Sahara dry! I stole three pots with "aw-fug-it" raises and all of a sudden, "Bam-Bam" had some chips. I stayed in the top ten for a little while, but the blinds just kept eating away. To clarify, I am not typically a PLO fan. But to have it as hi only, gives me a fighting chance. It's that damn P/L that kills me everytime. No matter what, you can't shake the draws and get them off the pot with the limited amount you can bet out. And chasers are every where! I couldn't get players off hands when I'd made top set. They wouldn't run away if I had flopped the srtaight or baby-flushes. I could hear them saying, "There are two more cards to come. I might make a gut-shot straight, or back door nut flush. You keep bettin' pot Bam, I'll keep calling and we'll go from there."

Ah well, live and forget.

It was a pleasure to sit at a table with my fellow BB, and my friend TBA. I also had some BOOOOOOOOOOOM factor and a great heart behind me. All in all, a damn fine night. Despite the result.

Have a good weekend all! Hope to see you "Donkamenting it up."

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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Schaubs said...

So who won?

Good showing nontheless.

Points are good remember.

Or did you bubble?