Frantic Friday: The Celebration Edition....(NSFW)


That's how old

turned yesterday. Now of course we're still a relative baby in world terms, but wow!

I just love this week of celebration and joy for our great nation. There's so many ways to show your love for our country! It's a shame that we can't keep the feeling going all year long though. I wish sometimes, (just sometimes!) that we could be a little more like our cousins down south in the United States of

Their constant display of

365 days a year, well I find it rather awe inspiring to be honest.

Now of course sometimes it can seem a little over the top to the rest of the world. But I see it as a little bit of jealousy really. I mean,

for being able to stand behind her beliefs and do it all 365 days of the year!

Now us here in

we seem to hold a much quieter form of national pride. Of course it's not all hush hush you know!

We do have Bianca on our side and one things for certain I can tell you. When she struts her stuff, at least half of this great nation is screaming out

at the top of our lungs!

That's one thing I think we all agree on up here, when it comes to our

there can be no doubt that

And that's what I love about our focus as a nation here in Canada! We realize our strengths and know how to celebrate them to the fullest. We also know that

but hey, the end result is always worth the journey!

So here's to you my great nation!

Thanks for being as wonderful as you are and despite not always shouting out our great pride from every single rooftop like our friends down in

I want to wish you a fantastic happy birthday and thank you from the bottom of my heart, for all you've done for me.

Now what say you all join me in a rousing rendition of

Oh and to all my good friends down south in

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy


Have a blast kids but please, always remember to drink and play responsibly! I need you guys around to keep on teaching me all those important life lessons!

My favourite lesson learned to date by the way?

So party hard, have some fun and like you do all of the other days of the year, let the world know that you my friends, are always

I hope you all have a blast and celebrate in whatever way you want to. Just please try to remember these three simple rules of celebration will you?


2) When you do drink Scotch, always make sure it's top shelf!

3) When drinking beer always and I mean ALWAYS remember, it goes on


Have fun kids and as always,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

In honor of this post and of Canada I am raising a toast of Nectar D'Or in your general direction.


Riggstad said...

...and I have wrapped my tall boy glass in a half Canadian Flag, half American flag type napkin, filled with top shelf Scotch, and being hoisted all points north and north west, to include the Doc as well.