Bedrock in point form....

With so much actual life getting in the way lately, I'll have to go with the point form version of a post today.

~ We got Fred out onto the golf course again. Damn near killed him but the smile on his face during and afterwards, was well worth the difficulties involved.

~ We're also dealing with the recent news that the words 'life' and 'chemo' will remain constantly intertwined, as far as Fred is concerned going forward.

~ As those that really know me are aware, I'm currently in negotiations to un-retire. An offer presented itself late last week that just may be too good to refuse, we'll have to see. I hope to know more by the end of the week.

~ I may not be 'writing' enough these days, but I am still reading those that are excellent at it! *hint, hint. You should too!

~ So very proud of YOU!

~ Just can't wait to spend some time with YOU!

~ If this kid[all important self link] could reach Mrs. JJOK, she'd get the biggest hug I think I've ever laid on anyone in my life.

~ While the children of the eastern USA may be doomed, I just think it's great!

~ If you really want to see me happy, show me a brudder with that shit eatin' grin!

~ Of course anytime I get to follow the exploits of two new Canadian kids, I'm going to have a grin on my own face for sure!

~ December gathering? ? ? ? Currently unknown. :(

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Josie said...

Great post Bammer. I'll be sending good vibes to Fred, and my vibes are awesome. lol

Schaubs said...

Maybe I'll ask Lola if the names Bam Bam and Pebbles work...

Thanks for the shout.

Thoughts are with Fred as always.

BWoP said...


Send my best to Fred. It's nice to hear he's out on the course again :-)

Riggstad said...

feel free to hold your breath... it won't be long. Karma is on the way

DrChako said...

If you need a letter of recommendation from a doctor, I know a guy...