Late to the BBT5 party....

There's been a thing or two on my mind of late so unfortunately, I'm a little late giving up some props that are very much deserved.

All the information can be found by clicking the picture link, over in the top right corner there.

The things our friend AlCantHang and his overlords at FullTilt Poker have done for us, should never be taken for granted.

Simply incredible!

I bombed out in The Hammer position in last nights game, running A-Q into Lucko's A-J. The flushed flop gave me an opportunity to make a move and I took it. Typical of my timing and play of late online, the flushed flop also gave Lucko the nuts. It was nice to see my chips advance another eight positions in the event, before they went on to someone else.

HUGE congrats to JJ for taking the first event down!

If you're new to this crowd or perhaps just a casual reader here, Buddy Dank Radio is covering each of the events that will be held. They'll have many guests on the shows, including a few of the legends of the blogging crowd. So even if you can't or don't play in any of the games, BDR is a great way to hear a few stories about our little adventures together.

The Invitation only events held Sundays, are also a great way to catch up with most of the who's who in our little crowd. With BDR covering the games and 70 plus of the bad boys and girls of blogger poker being in them, you may not get a better opportunity to get yourself so close to all the action.

So listen in or better yet, join in on the fun if you can.

OH and when you see me donk of my chips in spectacular fashion as always, a little GG in the chat would be nice too.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


lucko said...

Nice move with no hand and no draw imo. Good poker.

BamBam said...

When did I EVER say I was playing good NLHE poker? I think if I read it right, I was in fact calling myself a donkey.

lucko said...

More about your comment on another blog. I'd commented there, but he'd just delete it.