I spit my last breath at thee....

The rain wasn't what we'd expected.

They'd called for maybe an hour and a half or so but the general concensus was, we were in for a bit of a spring storm.

It rained alright.
Probably from 8:00pm until maybe say 8:30.

What's a half hour right?

In my head, I could see him thinking about taking that corner.

My mind raced immediately to every single time,
I'd ever made that exact decision.

I'd managed to walk away somehow and fortunately for me,
on several occassions.

Chance is a weird phenomenon.

The sensations of the scars that cross my body from side to side and then make their way from nearly head to toe, take a very brief moment to run through my soul before they seem to creep into my very being.

Aches I'd hoped to forget, now seem to control a body too old to fight back.

He never saw the puddle.
He was quite simply....
going too fast.

I think life must have a structure unseen and unknown to those that live it.
Is that weird?

One moment we're on top of the world and the next well....

not so much.

When I scooped up the bulk of his mass in my arms and held his head next to my chest,


is what he said.

It's going to be alright Matt.
You just hang on Son.

It wasn't tell Laura I love her.

No oh where, oh where could my baby be either.

Matt wanted to know one thing right then and I for one from experience, get where his head was at. The problem was, I was the guy that had to answer the question tonight.

"How fucked up am I?"


I'm no Doctor, despite the number of times I've played the game.

What I do know is that those two arms don't normally point that way together, the head should probably be able to support itself and the whole bloodletting thing, should probably be left to the TV Vampires and shit like that.

Dude seriously, it was an epic ride.

I held Matt against my chest and pushed deep into the gash along his throat.

I ride you know Matt.
Always have.

There's a convulsion in a dying body right before they go.
Did you know that?

A moment together with a stranger that is counting on you to get a message across to those that he loves... can be an awfully humbling, yet powerful thing.

Wow it's midnight.

I did what I was asked, but honestly I can't help but wonder....
did I do it the way Matt wanted me too?

I met Matt tonight for the first and only time,
then I met his family.

I know that Matt was loved.

I also found out that Matt was 23 and until tonight....

Matt was.


It kills me to say that.


KenP said...


Falstaff said...

That hit me like a hammer in the chest. Breathless.

BadBlood said...

Wow is all I can muster too....

Schaubs said...

very confused.


Cotty said...

Whoa. Serious spine chills. So brutal. I have always wanted to ride. Not so much these days especially after reading that. Thanks for the touching tribute.