GeeKs 'R' uS....

*Disclaimer ~ With the exception of wanting a good laugh at my expense, the actual geeks out there might just want move on to the next blog on their list.

Everyone out there that's met me knows, I-AM-NOT-A-GEEK! For the record, I'm still OK with that. I do my best to fit in with the crowd where I can, most recently discovering that monitors can in fact be large and slim, rather than the 60 pound baby dinosaur that used to be sitting in front of me. Hell just a few months ago, I even jumped up into the late 80's I think, when DSL service became available around these parts. A seriously HUGE move for this kid!

My geekiness has recently even advanced as far as things called "defrag" and "optimization" tooling. I now feel like I'm really starting to fit in here but good lord, will it ever end?

All kidding aside, the extra time I've spent on this thing of late seemed to have created a bit of an issue. One that I wasn't quite sure how to handle. Of course I run the standard google search and try to solve it on my own, FAIL! I run the installed programs to eliminate the problem, FAIL! I also request the services of a local and supposedly known "uber-geek" to resolve the issue, resulting in UBER-FAIL that I proudly and in my largest ever geeky like voice can say, "man am I glad I backed this thing up before he got here!"

Then I ran across ZOOKS little spiel about some barter work she had done with a neighbour. I read the fun stuff, ('cause she's pretty good at that!) and skim right over the geeknology as always. ('cause she has lots & lots of that apparently) I can't quite say how or why I noticed them but for whatever reason it was, I did.

Two little words that struck a cord somewhere deep into my inner geek.

Malware Bytes

Where had I seen this before and why oh why, did it mean something to me now?

I went back to the top of the post and re-read the thing from the start. What I found out was, those two words didn't really mean anything to me. What meant something was that I was as bad as, (or possibly worse?) than the friends she was describing. The problem I was having, was that I wasn't helping myself! I wasn't learning more, doing more or protecting myself from these issues by just generally doing the right thing and giving a shit.

In these days of disposable anything but income, why the hell would I feel the need to maintain and care for a stupid computer right?


Like I said earlier, I run the security programs and have the timer set to check everything out as often as needed. I never thought anything else of it. The issues I was having, were NOT my fault.

Then I downloaded, (for FREE) and ran Malware Bytes.

To put it into Zooks terms.......


I don't pretend to know squadoosh about actual techno-crap but one things for sure, once I eliminated all the bots, spywares, trojans, stolens and other crap that was seemingly filling this thing to capicity, my 'puter runs goot!

(well, with the exception of all those nice girly parts you have)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


gadzooks64 said...


I'm always on call for you! If you ever have computer issues hit me up on IM or vv/e.

I'm so proud of you for fixing it yourself!

Memphis MOJO said...

Gadzooks rawks!

SirFWALGMan said...

Gotta watch out for the "Buddy Geek". A lot of those guys THINK they know what they are doing. True geeks like myself can sense each other using the Force or somethin... maybe it is by body oder (is that spelled right? Fucking English I hate you!).. who knows..

Sean D said...

We don't care if you are a geek, just if you are a friend.

Don't have to worry about that brother!

Keep the faith and smile!