Amir takes PokerWit Pro....

My buddy Amir Lehavot has done something pretty special with his PokerWit site. This is NOT a paid endorsement, just something I thought you Poker Donks might find useful and interesting as a Poker tool.

The purpose of PokerWit is to enable users to discover and share poker information with each other. Talking with others about poker and being exposed to new ideas is an integral part to improving your game. PokerWit is the best place on the web to do this. PokerWit provides you with unique capabilities to learn from other players and discover new ideas generated by the community.

Poker Hands allows users to post and play poker hands in the format of a series of questions with multiple choice answers. The format provides users with statistics on the opinion of the community on the topic, as well as the opinion of users designated as friends.

Pro Hands is where the Pros post and discuss hands they play. All of the Pros are accomplished winners with a significant database of winnings. These pros specialize in MTTs and multi-table SNGs and have a combined profit of over $4M. You can read about the Pros in their profile pages, once you join the PokerWit site.

The mostly on-line Pros listed so far are;

AmirSF is of course, Amir Lehavot.
aaaaaaaa on PokerStars, fkscreennames on FullTilt.
Duffman08 on both sites.
Eatyourstac on PokerStars, garreh on FullTilt.
EeeTee2008 on both sites.
I_M_ICM on PokerStars, IM_ICM on FullTilt
Jasonfp on PokerStars.
Justluck is Dominik Nitsche, bounatirou at PS; justluck1337 at FTP
and finally Run dat game, I'm not too sure of.

Access to the Pro Hands is by subscription for just $5 per month. Hopefully someone out there finds the site of use, then maybe karma will swing back my way in one form or another.

Very well done Amir!


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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