When life serves a lemon....

This past Saturday January 16th. 2010 right here in Bedrock, it became official and global warming went into full on effect.

Some ran for the hills, for fear of the wash of water from the melting three feet of snow. Snow that had suddenly become compressed down to nothing more than several inches at best. Others simply made calls to family, friends and loved ones. Their glimmer of hope, to at least get a brief chance to say farewell to them all.

Dozens of neighbours could be seen fashioning makeshift watercraft. Their hopes to stay afloat in the impending doom that was sure to be, the flood of the century. They ranged from small rafts to full on cruisers let loose of their trailers, each of them ready to salvage whatever could be saved.

Panic was setting in and one thing was certain, life was truly serving up one gigantic yellow lemon in the sky.

What to do? Oh what ever were we all going to do?

With my glass a little more than half full, I did what seemed the most appropriate thing to do at the time.

I took the opportunity to go ahead and make,

myself a little lemon-aid.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Sean D said...

You've got mad skills!

So what's the drink of choice in your hand?



KenP said...

If that is lemon-aid, it definitely arrived by way of Long Island.

BamBam said...

More like by way of the hills of Cromdale Ken.

Or more appropriately to answer Sean's question, The Glenlivet!


BWoP said...


DrChako said...

Sure beats building an ark.