Points of interest....

NO! I do not mean the one on top of my head.

I'm all a buzz with the WPBT getting ready items on the checklist so, just a bit of quick hit for today.

Point #1 -

The WPBT Warm Up went off pretty much as expected Friday night. Well, except for the head count. Great friends made for a hell of a couple of hours killed, on the way to WPBT time. I'd pay $2.75 an hour for that much fun, over and over again. Thanks to those that did show up. It was truly a great deal of laughs.

Although I equally appreciate everyone that played in the game, special thanks go out to a good friend that really does make me LOL. A LOT!

Congrats to Numbono for winning the game. Well deserved Sir!

= = = = = =

Point #2 -

I've mentioned my pride in Not-So-Mini-Peb's here many, many times before. Most of that was focused on her innate ability to pick just the right moment and lighting, for what I personally think can only be called her amazing photography.

She's previously entered two rather serious contests around these parts in the youth category. Her first ever, she won the whole damn thing. Nervous for her going into her second competition, I was a little worried that she'd just expect to do it again. When her shots ended up taking first and third places at that one, it was a bit tight getting my puffed out chest back through the door I entered the building by. THAT'S MY GIRL!

This year based on her stone age of 19,000,000, she was in tough entered in the adult category. Undeterred as always, my baby entered five shots I could only call spectacular. I was worried it was a bad case of Daddy's pride blinding me at the time, as soon as she referred to them as, "not too bad."

What can I say except,

Geeky Rock N' Roller FTW !

= = = = = =

Point #3 -

Is a gratuitous self brag, so skip on down to the next blog on your list. There's really not that much left to see here kids.

I don't put much stock in such things to be honest. Read here or don't, that's always been my credo.

I do what I do, (can't call it writing! That's for certain) because it's a release for me. It's also a small way to stay in touch with the friends I've made along the way. For each of you, I'm sincerely appreciative of how fortunate I've managed to become.

Not having a unique "brand" or monopoly on the name and up against some pretty big hitters in the world that utilizes the moniker BamBam, it just made me feel all fuzzy to see the blog up top there.

It is what it is.

Silly really.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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PokahDave said...

Have a good time in Vegas...F.M.L...